Age Unknown
Joined 12/28/14
Community Varies.
Followers 48+
System(s) owned SO Wiiu SO N3ds
Birthday Unknown
Alts Rhine_R

Zoom (NNID: Z00MED) is a user on Miiverse. He has received his Wii U Deluxe Bundle on Christmas Day (December 25th 2014) and has started his Miiverse journey on December 28th 2014. He has made somewhat of an impact during this time. He became a Smasher and posted regularly in the Wii Fit U Community. He used to create a lot of posts dedicated to the Mario Kart 8, Super Mario 3D World, and NES Remix communities.


His posts get an average of five Yeahs each. His NNID on his 3DS is Rhine_R on 3DS, so he may have been identified as someone else for that time. He has Yeah'd over 250+ posts, has followed 26+ people and has less than 50 followers.


  • He is new to Miiverse, but was welcomed by the Smashers anyway.
  • He's called either "R" or "Zoom".
  • He enjoys trolling the Zeldians/Hylians and users over at the YouTube Community.
  • He is in love with practically every Mario character.
  • He has sapphire black hair, not black hair.
  • He doesn't really bother with gender.

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