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But move them to the YTC? Shouldn't we promote wiping them out all together?

Zoobaby10 is a Miiverse user who used to be part of Team Trio lead by Mii XD until he quit. He is disliked by most Miiverse users for liking the updates and the admins. His post that said "Support the admins! Keep the update" made him noticed by the Smashers and reached the comment limit at that time. Unlike Mii XD, who wished to keep off-topic posts to the YouTube Community, he wishes to make off-topic posts extinct. But he changed Mii XD's mind.

He called off-topic users people with no common sense.

"Zoobaby10 views Miiverse as a country engaged in civil war, where the admins are the government, the AMRA are the rebels, and Team Trio is a loyalist group." ~ Bryan434

Zoobaby allied with Mii XD to form Team Trio. After many clashes with the AMRA (Anti Miiverse Redesign Association) He quit Team Trio in hopes of escaping a total war between Team Trio, and ARROW (A fellow clan) vs The AMRA.

If you asked a user what they thought of Zoobaby10, They would either absolutely hate him, or call him a good friend. Zoobaby10 has a mixed reputation around Miiverse. Some users have even called him a Miiverse version of Hitler, Due to his "Charismatic Evil", but in his time during Team Trio, He also had numorous friends and supporters.

As of more recent times, Zoobaby10 is significantly more likable than he was during the Team Trio movement. Although he still has arguably negative views on off topic posts, he has slightly more tolerance for them. He rarely mentions anything about Team Trio, or the AMRA. Although he has recently admitted that his former partner Mii XD was infact "A bit arrogant".

Infamous Quotes

  • "Support the update"
  • "Wipe out the rebels"
  • "A new Miiverse is coming"
  • "Defend the admins"
  • "People need to understand this update is for the good of miiverse"
  • "But move them to the YTC? Shouldn't we promote wiping them out all together?"
  • "People actually have common sense in those" (less popular on-topic communities)
  • "30 posts/comments is not bad! You will ALWAYS have tomarrow. So don't get butthurt."
  • I blocked gio because he was annoying and refused to accept the fact that this update would make things better"
  • "That's old news, If you want to know about Team Trio, ask someone else." (Unconfirmed)

His Post

Zoobaby10 made post that made him noticed by the Smashers, which can be found here.

The popular user Gΐσ noticed him and got blocked by him. Zoobaby later unblocked him.

A user named Wirt posted an ASCII middle finger in the comments. (The comment got deleted)

We Meet Again, Mii XD!

In the Splatoon Community, zoobaby10 posted this:

"See Team Future? Numbers mean nothing!"

Then this happened in its comments:

"'Hey, this is Mii XD's alt account. I'm done with all this "keep the update" nonsense. I'm now against the update and admins. Please reply." ~ Mii XD's alt.

"I've got nothing to do with Team Trio anymore. I still believe what I did before, but I wanted to get out of the fight. It was a good run though. Turns out we got a lot more attention then we thought we would. Almost everybody hates us." ~ Zoobaby10 stating why he left Team Trio.

"Yeah. But I started another team called Gati Group to stop Team Plasma. Team Plasma is evil and I know this because I do actual thinking. Team Plasma is led by LELBeouf who is arrogant and is a bully himself. Can we be a team... again? You're my best friend on Miiverse. So team?" ~ Mii XD talking about Gati Group and admitting that Zoobaby was her best friend in Miiverse.

After negotiating, Zoobaby10 proposed the idea of The Defenders of Community. A replacement for The Gati Group, with a more apealling demeanor, and better planned operations.

Clan/Group Activities

  • He is the co-founder of Team Trio, a group that targeted off topic users in several communities.
  • He attepted to create a group called the ATS in his early days of using Miiverse
  • He was invited to join The Gati Group by Mii XD
  • He made plans to create The Defenders Of Community, but he eventually abandoned the effort.
  • He is rumored to be a member of The Wither Klan, and agressive clan that threatens and targets artists on Miiverse.

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