NNID Zockrates
Age Unknown
Joined 11/29/2012
Community Art Academy Community
Followers 3,990
System(s) owned Wii U SO Wiiu

System in the Nintendo 3DS Family SO N3ds

Birthday Unknown
Alts Unknown

Zockrates was a very popular user, especially in early 2013. He joined Miiverse on November 2012 and mainly posted in the New Super Mario Bros U Community and the Nintendo Land Community when it was filled with popular artist and Nintendo fans. Zock no longer posted in the Nintendo Land or New Super Mario Bros U communities and now he currently posts drawings in the Art Academy Community where he also holds an event called ExtreLife. 

He has 3,990 followers, following 300, 99 friends, made 159 posts, and has Yeahed 164,084 posts.

Printing Miiverse

In 2013, he hosted the "Printing Miiverse" art show in the Kunstbunker gallery in Nuremburg,Germany featuring over 13.000 printed Miiverse drawings.


ExtraLife Challenge

In Autumn 2015 he hosted (is hosting) the "Extralife" exhibition, a show focussing on the "culture of video-gaming". Visit the show´s facebook site for more info. Search for "extralife" and "videospielkultur". The show features also Miiverse art.

Miiverse Drawings

Art Academy

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