1tag4ugk6wb5q standard
NNID jd217232
Age 13
Joined Unknown
Community Wii Fit U Community
Youtube Community
Followers Unknown
System(s) owned Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Alts YumYum2, YumYum3, Roosterisatroll

YumYum is one of MisterGacado's many alts. He has 2 other YumYum alts, named YumYum2 (NNID: YumYumalt), and YumYum3 (NNID: RoosterIsaTroll). YumYum's NNID is jd217232. (Fun Fact, the NNID is jd217232 because YumYum's account was originally his friend's account for Miiverse.)

About YumYum

YumYum was an off topic poster in the Wii Fit U Community, and also an artist. He had a few slightly successful drawings, but was never a popular artist. On one of his alts, he spammed comments and friend requests to people saying to them he fell in their toilet. He was later banned by admins because of it. He had no particular hate for any YTC'ers, and occasionally posted art in the YTC. He also liked BoxHead. His name is based off of a running gag from a youtuber named Jacksfilms. He is 13 years old, and really hates Vine and arrow posts. He once did a little "story" about a computer virus that turned out to be Satan. It was written like a dos computer, (The character put in commands instead of speaking) and despite the amount of work it took (20 minutes each post, almost every post reached the word limit) it was barely seen. He is currently console banned. He's quite obsessed with The Smiths, a british alt rock band.

His Friends

He was friends with: (note, these are NNID'S)

  • TwiliDrangonVic
  • DarkShadowRise
  • PopsicleGal86
  • Gaara-Chair
  • FactBot
  • Big_D_is_back
  • ClausIsBacl
  • tararion
  • MathewJ1
  • TinyRedBulborb
  • Brits17
  • MarioisnotCBannd
  • MissingNO123
  • 8starkid144
  • Derpakuma9
  • FredTheGamerDX
  • TatorAGAINftw123
  • Gray_Plays_Games
  • TheLordGino1122
  • margaret027
  • heyyouyesyou
  • 7Gamer64
  • shnifin
  • TheLostGlitchBEN
  • LoliPacaaa
  • Marrina12
  • darkai013
  • Intense_guy
  • ShulkXGoldMario
  • CantBeatMehNow
  • PizzaGuy271
  • JonTronPOOp
  • VinceVangogh
  • malikalandry
  • nine-doodles
  • BlueberryHD
  • benjamini77
  • PrincessAkasha
  • Lynlizzard

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