1m2oi36x37kul normal face
NNID xxsangokuxx
Age 15
Joined July 28th, 2013
Community YouTube Community
Followers 6900+
System(s) owned SO Wiiu
Birthday July 4th
Yuki(NNID: xxsangokuxx) is a Miiverse Artist. She is a popular user with over 6800+ followers. She has been on Miiverse for a long time. Her first post was 7/28/2013.

Yuki's Profile Comment

Hellu! I'm Yuki! \( ☆ ¬ ☆ )/

•★I'm 15, and a swedish/italian otaku★•

I love drawing, anime (Tokyo Ghoul ftw!), being lazy, listening to music, sleeping, snow, fluffy bunnies and ice cream! ♡

Thank you soo much for all your support!!!! Love you all!!! ♡

My birthday is the 04/07! (4th July) (.u.)

Please tell me if you have done any drawing for me! ( ; ω ; )

Have fun! ( ^ • ^)/ ~♪

—Yuki's profile comment

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