The YouTubers (Not to be confused with YouTubers from the YouTube website) are a group of people who mostly posts in the YouTube Community. Many Smashers and YouTubers share a rivalry with each other. These flame wars can date back to E3 2013, when Nintendo announced Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS. Many people joined this community, and soon became the most powerful and mighty figure of Miiverse.


YouTubers may confuse many in terms of the name. Many Smashers call them Weeaboos, however, they have no official name to date. Many often get confused on their name, since many users in the community love anime.

YouTubers are infamously known for Miiverse Dates, in which many sites such as GameFAQs, and small websites often make fun of. Allan and Nicole became a famous example of Miiverse Dating.

Five Nights at Freddy's and Sonic OCs have been a huge fad for many users within the community. Roleplaying is another trait the YouTubers have.

Miiverse artists and drawings are also very common in the community and usually made up most of the popular posts section(Before the Miiverse redesign).

Miiverse Redesign and the YouTube Community update

After the Miiverse Redesign which affected almost every Miiverse community including the YouTube community, some of the users from the YouTube Community started to move to the New Super Luigi Community and the Wii Sports Club Community, since those communities were popular and unaffected by the Miiverse redesign.

Soon many more YouTubers started to leave the community after a Miiverse update which split up users from different country. More info about the update can be found here.