On October 14, 2015, YouTubers were caught by surprise when they discovered that the YouTube Community page no longer existed. Miiverse secretly released a update that separated the YTC into three communities, one for each region. The YouTubers panicked, while some Smashers rejoiced. This became the YouTube Community Split Up.

Erika stated in the announcement post that the community is now a regional community. She stated that confusion from diferent language posts and posts not being about the YouTube app as the main reasons behind the update. She reminded users to keep all conversations related to the YouTube app.


  • There are now three YTC communities (USA, Europe, and Japan)
  • The old YouTube Community page is now deleted.
  • Users cannot comment on posts, and the Discussions section has been removed in the European and Japanese YTC.


  • Old posts from the original YTC have not been deleted. 
  • Users who marked the community as one of their favorites have reported to seeing two YTCs on their list. This is because one of them is the old YTC, while the other is the YTC of their region (NA/PAL/JAP).
  • You can still post comments and discussions in the American communities.
  • PAL/JAP YTC communities do not allow discussions and comments.
  • Everybody posts exactly how they used to.

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