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NNID Yosher75
Age Unknown
Joined 2013
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System(s) owned SO Wiiu SO N3ds
Birthday 03/12
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Yosher (NNID: yosher75) is a Miiverse user who used to populate peoples feeds with his many achievements, most notably from Rayman Legends and Mario Kart 8.


He now focuses on his YouTube channel, named Yosher 75 where he uploads content regarding Nintendo games, whether the theme of the video is a montage, raging, criticising, or just plain randomness it always seems to achieve the purpose of entertaining the viewers. His most notable claim to success was from his video title '100 Ways To Fail In Super Smash Bros. For Wii U' which currently has 84,000 views and over 1,000 likes.

Rayman Legends

As a gamer, he always strives to reach perfection within the games he plays. This is most notable within the game 'Rayman Legends' where Yosher met many of the friends he knows today and became widely recognized within the Rayman community.

Within both the challenge app and the full game itself, Yosher proved as one of the best contenders to every challenge that stood, often getting first or at least top 10 positions within Land of the livid dead challenges and Murfys dungeon challenges. Yosher had reached a total of around 30 accumulated 1st places within the challenge app and full game, he was the 2nd person ever to have unlocked every single character (1 million lums) within the game (across all platforms).

He founded a technique within the game which is still used today, the YBY start up on the never ending pit challenge, this finding made the RNG challenge ever more difficult, because it relied on the beginning vine to be of a certain length which changed every time you reset the challenge, however because it was faster, people continued to use it.
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Yosher's current Youtube channel logo


Since Yosher was such a perfectionist in this game and would only stop until he reached the best score he could (even when he would be guaranteed a diamond anyways), he soon decided to retire from the game in December 2013, after 7 months of playing (where he missed NO challenges at all). This leave was due to the amount of time the game took out of his life and the stress it caused him to try and consistently reach the top 10 in nearly all challenges.

In the challenges app, he finished 28th worldwide and 2nd in Britain (overall scores) and in the full game he finished 15th worldwide and 2nd in Britain (overalll scores). His highest ever overall placing was on the day the full game was released where he was 4th in the world for a few days (and 1st in Britain for a few days).

Yosher was going to try and get back into the game and lift his overall ranking since the time he stopped, however stopped after a little while because of how time consuming it became and how much more skilled the competition had become (and the lower amount of competition available).

Mario Kart 8

Within Mario Kart 8 Yosher has only been in one clan named DR, Diamond Racers lead by AceBen. He also made it into the finals of Nintendo Life's Mario Kart 8 UK tournament, and placed 12th in the Grand Finals in EGX, London.
100 Ways To Fail In Super Smash Bros08:02

100 Ways To Fail In Super Smash Bros. For Wii U-0

Yosher's most popular video to date

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