NNID Xcano128
Age 15
Joined 2014
Community New Super Luigi U Community
Followers 345
System(s) owned SO Wiiu

SO N3ds

Birthday 4/25
Alts LordXcanoU
Xcano is a somewhat well known user on Miiverse. His main goal is to simply make Miiverse a better place for the users. He tries to make everyone feel like they are wanted and respected on Miiverse.

While Xcano does enjoy memes, he will retaliate against them if they are posted way too much and way too often, usually by making a parody meme.

Another notable characteristic would be his relationship with the Admins. Xcano does agree that the Admins are bad and could be significantly improved. He promotes the protecting of other users and the banning of people who falsely report others.


Xcano started out as a typical Miiverse user wanting to keep the Super Smash Bros. Series Community on-topic. He quickly learned the error of his ways and began to embrace the semi-orderly chaos that was Miiverse. At first, Xcano was a major fan of Shrek and supported the "Shrekoning".

Shrek's Church

For a while, Xcano was content with Shrek and wanted Shrek to thrive. Perhaps Shrek would have been a guiding force on Miiverse, something that united every user together under one banner. But Xcano quickly grew annoyed of Shrek and started a counter-religion called "The Church of Sandbag". The Church of Sandbag taught that contained within the Sandbag was an ancient God that would save us all from the Admins.

The church gained some popularity, but it quickly fell out of style and died along with Shrek. For a very long time, Xcano did absolutely nothing. He made a few friends and gained a few followers. Xcano would go around and Yeah nearly every post he saw, much like his idols did. But again, this was all that happened for a very long time.


After Super Smash Bros. for 3DS was released, Xcano went on a long hiatus. When he returned he realized that his worst nightmares had come true. The Super Smash Bros. Series Community was completely on-topic, and Rosaline was banned. Xcano moved over to the The Legend of Zelda Series Community upon realizing it was the new community where the Smashers hinder. Xcano is now known as "Lord Xcano" and he has a very chill Mii.

Temporary Ban

On December 14th, 2014, Xcano was temporarily banned. However, his friend let him use his account, treyshere. Xcano later returned to Miiverse as "LordXcano±". A few weeks after being unbanned, Xcano came into possession of a Wii U. Using this, he made his very first alternate account, Xcano★. Xcano★ gained around 90 followers, but was then banned for two weeks on February 7th, 2015. Xcano now uses the Wii U to make alternate accounts for others, in particular the more popular users. As of now Xcano does not go on Miiverse as often, however he is making attempts to return.

Xcano's "Chum Pals"

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