Xavier a.k.a Str0ke
3ikyj509m63pn normal face
Age 14
Joined December 2013
Community YouTube Community, Super Smash Bros for Wii U/Nintendo 3DS

New Super Luigi U Community

Followers 419
System(s) owned Wii U SO Wiiu
Birthday Unknown
Alts XisAwesome123, XavierVonShuffle, AnotherXavierAlt
Link guide for noobs

Xavier's Guide to play Link

I'd rather have a Earthbound/Mother Movie instead of a FNAF movie


Xavier is a average Miiverse user who started using Miiverse in December 2013. He used primarily posts in the Wii Fit U Community, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/Nintendo 3DS Community, and ever so rarely in the YouTube Community. But ever since the Miiverse Redesign he has moved to the New Super Luigi U Community. He most of the time post random stuff that nobody cares about.

As of September 3rd 2015, he goes under the alias "Str0ke"


  • He has stated that he ships Death-X X Lucina.
  • He is very good friends with Aubuscus and various other Miiverse users.
  • He has only been banned 3 times, all of them being on his main account.
  • He despises FNaF.
  • He has said that he lives in Texas.
  • He loves the competitive Smash Scene
  • He mains a fuck ton of characters in Smash 4
  • His favorite user is Hatty
  • He has the same last name as ZeRo which is Barrios
  • He likes to speed run New Super Mario U and New Super Luigi U in his free time
  • He made a list of Top 5 Incidents Miiverse Really wants to forget about
  • He attended a Smash Tournament in real life and got 6th Place
  • He makes fake wrestling match cards in free time
    Sanic Guide

    A Guide Xavier made on how to play Sonic


  • "How Did Ridley go from this lizard, chick hybrid to 'Huge Purple Space Pirate Dragon'."
  • "Dang Lucas is so OP that he got banned from EVO 2015 before he was released."
  • "In They Year 20XX Everyone plays Captain Falcon at a TAS level of perfection.'
  • "My Ultimate Goal on Miiverse is to not get taken seriously"
  • "This place is basically an ecosystem full of memes"
  • " *Science Museum Intensifies* "
  • "3LameStudios is basically a group of FNaF fans who have very cringe worthy fan fictions and ideas"
  • "What did Marth leave when he left the resturant? Just a Tip ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )"
  • "Rated 3D5YM for 3 Dank 5 You M8"
  • "MLM = Major Leauge Memes"

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