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Worst Posts on Miiverse is a YouTube series that was created by Giga Gamby. The show aired on his channel by the same name and is currently over. There is a total of 11 episodes plus a best of WPOM.

Series History

The Beginning

The very first Worst Posts on Miiverse was uploaded on August 25th 2013. Some consider this episode to be the best out of them, considering he was most likely at his happiest editing it and that it had some of the lowest quality posts out of all of them with people like WII U CHAT and paola, requesting for Wii U Chats and Yeahs.

Episodes 2-9

These episodes were in the middle of the action, and they were all alike in most ways.

The End (10 and 11)

Episode 10 is the finale of Season 1, which ended off a chapter in WPoM history. At the end of the episode, there was a contest held for the Top 3 Worst Posts of the season. The winner went to protoman (NNID magnavox), who's post was "link went up to the spigetti, he stabed its huge meat ball beacon went everywhere, luigi ran in and said 'oh, my pizza killed waluigi !' luckly no one likes him pizza forever! my amaginashion is cool"

After the release of the tenth episode, Giga Gamby said there would be more episodes. However, despite this, to date there is only one more, which was the series finale, Episode 11. The final episode is about Gamby befriending Miiverse, then getting into a fight with him. After this, Miiverse kidnaps Gamby and forces him to make more WPoM. After this episode, he said there would be NO MORE episodes, as he was sick of editing them and that the series had gotten stale.

List of Videos

  • Worst Posts on Miiverse
  • Worst Posts on Miiverse 2
  • Worst Posts on Miiverse 3
  • Worst Posts on Miiverse 4
  • Worst Posts on Miiverse 5
  • Worst Posts on Miiverse 6
  • Worst Posts on Miiverse 7
  • Worst Posts on Miiverse 8
  • Worst Posts on Miiverse 9
  • Worst Posts on Miiverse 10
  • Best of WPOM S1
  • Worst Posts on Miiverse Finale
  • A Typical Miiverse Relationship 2 - Degraverse
  • A Typical Miiverse Relationship 3 - Fifty Shades Of Gamby
  • A Typical Miiverse Relationship 4 - Try Not To Cringe
  • A Typical Miiverse Relationship 5 - How To Boyfriend
  • A Typical Miiverse Relationship 6 - The Creepy and The Cringy
  • A Typical Miiverse Relationship 7 - God Has Abandoned Us
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