Wii U Chat
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Created by Nintendo
Devices available on WiiUPlatform
Date of launch September 13th, 2012

Wii U Chat is an app for the Wii U that lets you talk to your friends face to face similar to Skype or Facetime. The good thing about Wii U Chat is that your friends can learn more about you. However, that's also the reason why many users dislike it. A lot of users see Wii U Chat as a huge contradiction on Nintendo's behalf due to how users can Wii U Chat and many people on Miiverse use it due to how exchanging friend codes is against the CoC.



Wii U Chat Menu

Like the name implies, Wii U Chat allows you to communicate with other Wii U owners using video chat communication. When you launch the software, you will be greeted by the Wii U Chat Menu. The Wii U Chat Menu has three basic functions, the list of people you call, the Missed Calls list, and a front-facing camera view that exists just so you can look at yourself. In order to chat with other people, they must first be on your Friend List. Your friends will appear on the Wii U Chat Menu, granting you the ability to call them. Your friends are represented by their Miis and appear in large circular buttons. When a button is blue it means that one of your friends is online. When a button is grey it means that one of your friends is offline. When you call a friend, the Home button on their Wii U GamePad will start flashing repeatedly. When they go to the Home Menu, a pop-up will appear saying that you are calling them. If they press Answer, the current software open will be closed and they will be sent to Wii U Chat to pick up your call. If they press Cancel, the pop-up will go away but the call will keep "ringing" until you end it. When any of your friends misses a call, they will receive a message via Miiverse saying "I tried calling you using Wii U Chat but you were unavailable. Check your missed calls list".

When somebody picks up, you can obviously chat with them, but also do a few other things during calls. For example, you can draw on the GamePad touch screen. You can choose between four colors, Red, Green, Blue and Yellow, and you can change colors by rotating the right joystick. You can erase your drawings by simply pressing the X button. You can also switch between your camera and your friends camera on the TV and GamePad with a press of a button on the touch screen. To end a call, press the Hang Up button on the touch screen, and a pop-up will appear on the top of the screen saying "Wave good-bye" as the camera fades away.


Wii U Chat has also had its fair share of controversy. In 2013 the application for 3DS Swapnote, (Nintendo Letter Box in Europe) was limited to only being able to use it with the people who are near you, similar to the DS application PictoChat. This is because of it's use to give out personal info and... well... inappropriate things. Wii U Chat would allow you to do the exact same thing that Swapnote was "nerfed" for (SpotPass for Swapnote was removed), except on live video. Because of this, many younger Miiverse users are at risk of being lured into Wii U Chatting with pedophiles, usually being taunted with convincing posts and comments. One such user, OLD GUY (NNID: TheOldGuyOnWiiU), formerly known as "WIIU CHAT?", has posted various taunts on Miiverse like "Wii U Chat? I've got nachos!" and "Any girls wanna Wii U Chat?"

Wii U Chat Guy

One of WIIU CHAT?'s posts luring in Miiverse users to Wii U Chat.


On November 7th, 2017 at 10:00pm PST, the same time the Miiverse service closed, the Wii U Chat service was discontinued. Attempting to open Wii U Chat after the service end date will result in error code 102-2882, meaning that the service is no longer available.[1]