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Launch Date October 30th, 2013
Special Attributes Unknown
Community console Wii U
Game Genre Sports
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The Wii Sports Club community is a community created on 10/30/13 in Japan, and 11/7/13 in North America and Europe. This community has separate "clubs", one for each country/state/region. On-topic WSC users rarely post here in most clubs, to the point of many regions being inactive.

As a result, it has been the site of many clashes between clans, and users taking control of the inactive communities.

Sub Communities


  • World Club
  • Alabama Club
  • Alaska Club
  • Arizona Club
  • Arkansas Club
  • California Club
  • Colorado Club
  • Connecticut Club
  • Delaware Club
  • Florida Club
  • Georgia Club
  • Hawaii Club
  • Idaho Club
  • Illinois Club
  • Indiana Club
  • Iowa Club
  • Kansas Club
  • Kentucky Club
  • Louisiana Club
  • Maine Club
  • Maryland Club
  • Massachusetts Club
  • Michigan Club
  • Minnesota Club
  • Mississippi Club
  • Missouri Club
  • Montana Club
  • Nebraska Club
  • Nevada Club
  • New Hampshire Club
  • New Jersey Club
  • New Mexico Club
  • New York Club
  • North Carolina Club
  • North Dakota Club
  • Ohio Club
  • Oklahoma Club
  • Oregon Club
  • Pennsylvania Club
  • Rhode Island Club
  • South Carolina Club
  • South Dakota Club
  • Tennessee Club
  • Texas Club
  • Utah Club
  • Vermont Club
  • Virginia Club
  • Washington Club
  • West Virginia Club
  • Wisconsin Club
  • Wyoming Club
  • Alberta Club
  • British Columbia Club
  • Manitoba Club
  • New Brunswick Club
  • Newfoundland and Labrador Club
  • Northwest Territories Club
  • Nova Scotia Club
  • Nunavut Club
  • Ontario Club
  • Prince Edward Island Club
  • Quebec Club
  • Saskatchewan Club
  • Yukon Club
  • Mexico Club
  • Brazil Club
  • Argentina Club
  • Chile Club
  • Colombia Club
  • Costa Rica Club
  • Dominican Republic Club
  • Ecuador Club
  • El Salvador Club
  • Guatemala Club
  • Honduras Club
  • Nicaragua Club
  • Panama Club
  • Paraguay Club
  • Peru Club
  • Puerto Rico Club
  • Uruguay Club
  • Venezuela Club


  • Other Club
  • Australia Club
  • AUT East Club
  • AUT South Club
  • AUT West Club
  • BEL Brussels Club
  • BEL Flanders Club
  • BEL Wallonia Club
  • Czech Republic Club
  • Denmark Club
  • ESP Baleares Club
  • ESP Canary Islands Club
  • ESP Centre Club
  • ESP East Club
  • ESP North East Club
  • ESP North West Club
  • ESP South Club
  • Finland Club
  • FRA Centre East Club
  • FRA Centre West Club
  • FRA Île-de-France Club
  • FRA Mediterranean Club
  • FRA North East Club
  • FRA North West Club
  • FRA Overseas Club
  • FRA South East Club
  • FRA South West Club
  • GER Baden-Württemberg Club
  • GER Bavaria Club
  • GER Berlin Club
  • GER Brandenburg Club
  • GER Bremen Club
  • GER Hamburg Club
  • GER Hesse Club
  • GER Lower Saxony Club
  • GER Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Club
  • GER North Rhine-Westphalia Club
  • GER Rhineland-Palatinate Club
  • GER Saarland Club
  • GER Saxony Club
  • GER Saxony-Anhalt Club
  • GER Schleswig-Holstein Club
  • GER Thuringia Club
  • Greece Club
  • Hungary Club
  • Ireland Club
  • ITA Centre Club
  • ITA Islands Club
  • ITA North East Club
  • ITA North West Club
  • ITA South Club
  • Luxembourg Club
  • NED East Club
  • NED North Club
  • NED South Club
  • NED West Club
  • New Zealand Club
  • Norway Club
  • Poland Club
  • POR Azores Club
  • POR Maderia Club
  • POR Mainland Club
  • Romania Club
  • Russia Club
  • South Africa Club
  • SWE East Club
  • SWE North Club
  • SWE South Club
  • Switzerland Club
  • Turkey Club
  • UK East Midlands Club
  • UK East of England Club
  • UK Greater London Club
  • UK North East Club
  • UK North West Club
  • UK Northern Ireland Club
  • UK Scotland Club
  • UK South East Club
  • UK South West Club
  • UK Wales Club
  • UK West Midlands Club
  • UK Yorkshire and Humber Club


  • Open Club
  • Tokyo Club
  • Hokkaido Club
  • Aomori Club
  • Iwate Club
  • Miyagi Club
  • Akita Club
  • Yamagata Club
  • Fukushima Club
  • Ibaraki Club
  • Tochigi Club
  • Gunma Club
  • Saitama Club
  • Chiba Club
  • Kanagawa Club
  • Toyama Club
  • Ishikawa Club
  • Fukui Club
  • Yamanashi Club
  • Nagano Club
  • Niigata Club
  • Gifu Club
  • Shizuoka Club
  • Aichi Club
  • Mie Club
  • Shiga Club
  • Kyoto Club
  • Osaka Club
  • Hyogo Club
  • Nara Club
  • Wakayama Club
  • Tottori Club
  • Shimane Club
  • Okayama Club
  • Hiroshima Club
  • Yamaguchi Club
  • Tokushima Club
  • Kagawa Club
  • Ehime Club
  • Kochi Club
  • Fukuoka Club
  • Saga Club
  • Nagasaki Club
  • Kumamoto Club
  • Oita Club
  • Miyazaki Club
  • Kagoshima Club
  • Okinawa Club

Posts usually seen in most clubs.

Club Ownership

Club ownership tends to be regional in nature, Europe and Asia are near completely under Freege-Morimoto rule whereas rule in American communities is not as concrete. Claims have changed drastically, with many clans being disbanded or rebranded.

Ownership is undefined in most communities. Many communities see a change of owner infrequently to frequently, while other communities are quite "stable", such as those who are used as activity feeds.

To own a community, one must post something that signifies their claim, such as "Mine" or "(clan name) community." This proves to be effective with enough users. If two sides are in a conflict, they may do the following; negotiate on who should own the community, split the community, or go to war. If war occurs, users are able to report you in order for you to get banned. They are also able to spam the community, challenging the opponent to see if they leave or stay.

Owning a community is risky, and going to war isn't advised. However, it has been used for over three years.

General History

Scramble for Wii Sports Club Clubs (7/29/15 - Present)

People saw that this community was not affected by the Redesign that took place on 7/29/15. Many Miiverse users conquered the clubs, for their activity feed or their personal redesign safe haven.

Great Colonization of Clubs (September 2015 - November 2015)

By this time, most of the Wii Sports Club have been colonized by users and clans. Notable users include the group Freege-Morimoto, and Team Plasma.

Smasher Invasion of Clubs (March 7th, 2016 - March 27th, 2016)

The Smashers invaded the Panama Club to escape the drama. Then they invaded Norway last 3/26/16 as a back-up. Both communities remain active.

Dotface Invasions (April 2, 2016, May 18th, 2016)

On April 2, 2016, a guy named Dotface, allied with Spaghetti, started invading Freege communities.

A while after that, he claimed a number of communities that he thought needed to be "more active." He has not claimed a community since.

Smasher Anti-Furry Invasions (May 7th, 2016 - May 24th, 2016)

The Smashers, with their hatred of furries, decided to invade their clubs. They have said an "overpopulation of NSLU and the saturation of bandwagoners there" as the main reason.

Last May 24th, 2016, Niderp of the Smashers made an apology for the invasions.

American Wii Sports Club Community


Mississippi Invasion (12/23/15 - January 2016)

This was the activity feed of a guy named Lars, but on 12/23/15, Team Plasma came out of nowhere to invade this community.

Nunavut Club Invasion (12/28/15)

This was the activity feed of a person named Abbers. She has posted here for a long time. Then a clan called Dark Side conquered it and made it their clan base. It is also owned by the 502nd Legion. They are allied with Team Plasma.

Currently, Abbers is still posting there.

Saskatchewan Club Dispute (3/08/16-Present)

On 3/08/16, a guy named Kyle made it a Monster Hunter club. Then it became the base of Dragma. Users barged in and it became a dispute like Manitoba.

Peru Club Invasion (5/7/16)

The Peru Club is a community that was inhabited by furries. They were at peace.

Then, the Smashers with Dotface invaded this community. It has received backlash from some people.

Dotface then made a treaty that both Smashers and furries can share the community.

But, last 5/20/16, some Smashers violated the treaty and spammed spagetti.

New Jersey Club

On 5/22/16, the furries, tired of the Smasher invasions, made an agreement with the owner of the New Jersey Club to allow them to share, but the Smashers occupied the club. It appears to be mostly deserted as of June 27th. As of recent Freege took it along with Yukon and had a reclamation of Idaho shared with another user. At this point Freege took Kansas

Notable Communities

Alabama Club

This used to be the community of the FNAF fans, but they have since moved out. They had also conquered Alaska as a backup.

Delaware Club

The Steven Universe community.

Florida Club

Florida Club became the Activity Feed for Just Ethan and Sortable19.

Idaho Club

Apparently the "Morimoto Appreciation Community".

Manitoba Club

Manitoba Club became the site of a 1 month long dispute between 3 users since 10/12/15. The dispute erupted again last 12/8/15.

New Hampshire Club

A Pony community, but was conquered by the Spaghetti people. Then allied with Team Plasma.

Panama Club

On March 6th, 2016, the Smashers moved to the Panama Club Community due to amount of low-quality spam in the New Super Luigi U Community. The next day, a user named Observer started posting about how bandwagoners shouldn't come to the Panama Club Community, causing more drama. It is now known that Observer is attempting to reunify the communities, but the proof for this has been deleted.

New Hampshire Club Dispute (March 2016 - 4/5/16)

A dispute between Freege and the Spaghetti group.

Last 4/5/2016, a treaty is made which states that both Freege and Sphagetti must rescind their claims on the community, and move somewhere else. However it seems the 2 leaders arent very well aware of this.

Argentina Club (5/30/16 - Present)

Some Panama Smashers moved to Argentina. Today, Argentina and Panama are equally active, even though many of the popular Smashers moved to Argentina.

Quebec Club Dispute (7/12/16 - 7/14/16)

On the 12th of July 2016, the SP Clan invaded the relatively empty Quebec Club.

A war started when a previously obscure group known as {PA} attacked SP in the community. The conflict ended 2 days later as {PA} officially retreated. No bans occured in the main conflict.

Arkansas Reclamation

Freege comes back to Arkansas to reclaim their main base in the Americas. In their way is The First Order and their allys to a certain extent. Eventually Team Skull briefly joined the conflict but withdrawn this conflict eventually spreads to Greece and Por Madeira. Eventually things settle down when Freege shares the community with Xavos who has ties to the First Order.

Ecuador Club

On April 28, 2016, the user Travis decided to make posts in Ecuador Club to try to "avoid" New Super Luigi U Community. Some times, random users would post in there which is uncommon.

Japanese Wii Sports Club Community



Morimoto first discovered the Japanese Wii Sports Club communities and started with 11 communities. He then expanded his empire.

Anthony and SoullesPro each conquered a sizeable share of Wii Sports Club communities.

Then Morimoto conquered most communities and took most of SoullesPro's communities. He made treaties with the user Anthony and he acquired most of his communities except Tochigi.

The Chiba club used to be the designated place (by the MLA) for relocating the oppressed European and Japanese YTC users.

Today, much of Japan is under Morimoto's control. 

European Wii Sports Club Community

Nation of Ownership

Freege-Morimoto owns most of the communtities generally. Ireland is the exception having no trace of Freege-Morimoto control.

Union in Heaven (Freege-Morimoto) - 12/12/15

Freege and Morimoto have fused into a dual monarchy. Morimoto gained the mighty military of Freege at his disposal and Freege had gotten a vast empire of land. Now the monarchs GEO and Morimoto have land and military at the strongest level making a true empire and a union in heaven.

Teutonic Knight Order (9/13/15 - 3/8/16)

The German Communities were lead by the Teutonic Knight Order, a group formed by Wilhelm on 9/13/15 which was confirmed soon after the claiming of Germany. Wilhelm soon entered an alliance with Freege, who later gave him the Czech Republic. Later, both empires decided on a dual-protectorate on the Czech Republic, meaning it belongs to both Germany and Freege. Wilhelm also agreed to let Aaron and New Thracia to GER Thuringia Club. Unlike some other users, Kaiser Wilhelm allows other users to set up their own little communities within, some users include Benju (Baden-Württemberg), Aaron (Thuringia), and Karory (Bremen), and if any foreign invader tries to attack one of territories, they will have to face with not only Wilhelm, but also Freege and any other allies of the Teutonic Order.

Alliance and joining with Freege - Morimoto (1/5/16)

Wilhelm successfully joins the fused group Freege-Morimoto through one of the monarchs, and has been welcomed with open arms as a vassal for both of them. This also means he can call in both of them (Most likely Freege) for protection in a military conflict.

Abdication and Exile (2/19/16)

On 2/19/16, Wilhelm is forced to abdicate from his position as Emperor of Germany, King of Bavaria, Czechoslovakia, and Brazil and gives his position to Aaron. Aaron succeeds him as Emperor of Germany and leader of the Teutonic Knight Order. But, two days later, Aaron gets banned. Emperor P then takes care of the German clubs.

Partition of Germany (3/8/16)

Seeing Aaron getting banned, and Emperor P getting dethroned, Freege and Morimoto decided to partition the clubs between them.

Partition of France (11/07/15)

SoullesPro (???-11/07/15)

SoullesPro still has not technically "claimed" the French communities, as he did not make a post stating that he has claimed the community in the said French communities. Before that, Morimoto owned the FRA North West Club. But eventually Freege/Eggmanland/GEO Empire gets the remaining clubs, as always.

Morimoto (11/07/15-11/23/15) / MLG Muffin (11/23/15)

Freege then gives Ile-de-France and Centre West to Morimoto after a treaty. Then Ile-de-France becomes the community of MLG Muffin- Freeges newest recruit. MLG Muffin was ecstatic to see Freege do her this favour. Fellow French leader Icepick went on to point out that without Morimoto's say in this it wouldn't be possible and told MLG Muffin to thank Morimoto.

Treaty of Ireland Club (2/15/16)

Last 2/15/16, a user named AFG■Dαη■V£ made an "election" to settle the dispute. It goes as follows:

  1. No one owns this community.
  2. Agree to share the community.
  3. I own this community.
  4. Me, Xavos, Tami, Morimoto, Freege and Phantasma own this place.

Most users voted for the fourth choice. With that, it seems that the Second Ireland Club Uprising/Dispute has ended.

There has been some protests from Eoin recently, but that is just relatively minor[what].

The terms of this did not last for long because not long after this happened,Dan,Xavos and Cruxis deside to claim the community for themselves, Xavos got banned somehow afterwards

AUT East Club Invasion (2/20/16)

The Fro Nation invaded this community to be their new clan base.

Greece Club Dispute (6/28/16 - Present)

From arpund April 2016, it appears that Team Plasma started posting. But the drama did not start until around July. Greece Club, by association, is a Morimoto community since the time he has agreed with Badminia some months ago.

Last 7/2/16, DoD conquered the community, and some unaffiliated users joined the bandwagon. Seeing this, Badminia left Greece Club on 7/3/16.

Last 7/16/16, the SP clan invaded the community and spammed.

Last 8/4/16, Freege and Morimoto claimed the community. Eventually the First Order claims it. Freege reclaims the community for DOD Riley and Phantasma and its fused group Freege-Morimoto. Hylian Hero, angered by Freeges previous treatment of Team Plasma in Greece enters the war on the First Orders side. Eventually Hylian Heroe and his allies surrender Temporaryily to fight against a bigger threat.


First Order

They share the control with the clubs that are of Unicron, but the leader didn't announce it.


Kyon was given Norway by Lard Cow.

Then the Smashers invaded this community last 3/26/16 as a backup.

Freege then takes Norway for itself


  • For the fact that some communities are conquered by many different users, and some communities that are used as an activity feed has been conquered, some users argue that they conquered it first, or that they use it as their activity feed. Some users also criticize the actions of some groups or users who conquered many clubs.
  • Morimoto is notorious for conquering "too many" Wii Sports Club communities. Especially the "MINE" posts he makes are often called annoying.
  • The on-topic users do not seem to mind the invasions, mostly because very few of them actually use Miiverse(the green tag shows that the post was posted to Miiverse automatically by the game).
  • There have been many disputes, most notably the Manitoba, Ireland, and POR Madeira Wars, among others.
  • Morimoto continuously exerts his control on his communities by spamming "MINE" every week. Recently, he makes posts mimicking the typical ontopic post in the clubs, to replace the "MINE" posts, because he got reported at the European WSC clubs last 4/17/16.
  • A guy named Observer claims that clans like the Fros, Freege and Spaghetti are false reporters, using the clubs as evidence. He has been speculated to be LELBeouf of Team Plasma, and while this does seem extremely likely, it has not been confirmed for sure.
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