While I do believe that Smash is better played as a party game than a competitive fighter, Sakurai should still listen to advice from the competitive community when coming out with updates and tweaks. #datruthbetold.

—Wieczorek's last wise words on the Smash community.
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Wieczorek is a Miiverse user that started the "#DaTruthBeTold" meme. He has a lot of opinions, which he posts frequently. Due to this, he has had conflicts with many users. He has had 2 other accounts called Baeilieau and Baines.

Many Smashers consider him the father of Trolls. He started making hastags a big fad within the Super Smash Bros. Community. He soon inspired many others to be off-topic, a troll, and use hastags. His Mii resembles that of an old man, and sometimes his bio would jokely put Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing as one of his favorite games.

Notable posts and quotes

  • "Barely anything can be considered "overrated" nowadays. Once something gets the smallest amount of praise by mainstream media, it's automatically deemed "terrible" by half of the internet. #datruthbetold."

  • "Now if only the Youtube community closed."

  • "Looking back, I kind of regret making fifty-thousand "EarthBound iz overrated11" posts. I'm still not huge fan of the game but on Miiverse anyway, it gets more unnecessary hate than it really deserves."

  • "How to troll Miiverse: add #datruthbetold. to the end of a reasonable post."

  • "Just because a female cartoon/comic/video game character is "attrictive" doesn't automatically make them a bad character. #datruthbetold."


  • Almost every one of his posts would have '#DaTruthBeTold' at the end of each post
  • Unlike most Smashers and off-topic posters, he did not move to the Wii Fit U Community. He instead decided to quit Miiverse.