1lahdblih29qb normal face
NNID TrollingIsLife
Age Unknown
Joined 2014
Community The Legend of Zelda Series Community
Followers Unknown
System(s) owned SO Wiiu
Birthday Unknown
Alts Unknown

I searched for myself on Le Miiverse Resource, no results....... *Starts crying*


WhiteTroll is a user with a Mii that's meant to resemble a white version of the user BlackTroll (currently known as Joshua on Miiverse ). WhiteTroll is also an alt of another user, some think he might be BlackTroll himself.

WhiteTroll mainly posted in the Super Smash Bros. Series Community and wasn't a very active user. It's assumed that WhiteTroll has either left Miiverse or is using another account under a different name.

Back in 2015 when the Smashers posted in the Wii Fit U Community a user named WhiteTroll appeared. It's unknown if this was the real WhiteTroll or a completely different user with a White Troll Mii. 

Memes created

WhiteTroll created 2 memes on Miiverse that became popular.

  • "According to the book: another meme created in the Smash community during 2014.


  • There was another BlackTroll clone known as BrownTroll, who was revealed to be an alt of WhiteTroll.
  • Users other than WhiteTroll have also made BlackTroll clone accounts such as AsianTroll and other users based on different races.

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