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NNID whatever178 (Console Banned)
Age 15
Joined February 2014
Community New Super Luigi U Community
Followers 352
System(s) owned SO Wiiu

SO N3ds

Birthday May 16
Alts DaNewWhatever178 (Permabanned)

Whatevs178 (Banned) OrcaWhatever178 (Not banned)

Wait...what is my name? Eh, whatever.


Whatever is a Smasher. Her current (and final) NNID is OrcaWhatever178. It is still intact.

While she is console banned on her Wii U, she has a gaming NNID, which is whatever178. She has a Wikia account called TheOrcaApocalypse.


Whatever originally posted to and interacted with the Nintendo Land Community through Nintendo Land in February 2014. After a while, she found out how to get to Miiverse without using Nintendo Land, eventually finding the Super Smash Bros. Series community. She made off-topic posts along with the other off-topic users. When the Smash community was renovated, she moved to the YouTube Community for a while, then moved to where the Smashers usually lurk. She left Miiverse as of May 3, 2015, but soon returned. She intentionally got herself CB'd on May 21st by drawing MAD posts, typically consisting of penises. On July 14, her 3DS got permabanned after going on a MAD-spree, but it was not until the 21st until she discovered this.

While she was Marioman57'ing on one of her alts to get banned, she commented on someone's post about sexual things. The entire thing can be found here.

On March 26, 2016, Whatever rejoined Miiverse after a meme created an alt for her, but it later got banned because he had too many alts.

She did not have another account for nearly two years, until on May 14, 2017, she got a New 3DS XL and her 3DS NNID was transferred; she then used her original 3DS to make a new NNID with the name OrcaWhatever178, returning to the Smasher community for the final time. It has not been banned yet.



The first I<3urpants account, posting nothing but "I like your pants."

I<3urpants was created by Whatever as a troll account. Although Whatever is female, this account's Mii was male. The main thing "he" posted was "I like your pants."

On the first I<3urpants account, "he" posted and commented nothing but "I like your pants." This took place in the YouTube community, as that was where Whatever dwelled at the time. There were many reactions. Some people found "him" creepy, some thanked "him" or told him they liked his pants too, and some got a little sexual. Then all of "his" posts and comments were admin'd, forcing Whatever to delete the account.


Ilovedempants' Wikia icon.

After a while, another I<3urpants account was made. It was made with the same intent as the first, but Whatever had to use it as an alt when both her main account and her primary alt were banned. However, most posts still mentioned pants. This account was also featured in BradleyNews11's 50th video, quoting, of course, "I like your pants" four times. Whatever deleted that account when she used it to pull a Marioman57 in order to get console banned.

A Wikia account was made based off I<3urpants called Ilovedempants, named after the second account's NNID. He still primarily posts "I like your pants" even on the Wikia account.


  • Her first two NNIDs were rendered unusable and were eventually deleted automatically. The third time was the charm.
  • She started three memes, the "Don't eat ___, You can't eat ___" meme, #BBB (Bring Bigley Back), and the Phineas and Ferb meme.
  • Bowser used to be her "husbando." After that, it was Sandbag. Now, she has none.
  • When she got console banned, she deleted all her alts. Only the NNID whatever178 remained, and she still uses it to play games.
  • She was originally "Swaggermii". Then she changed her Mii and named herself "Miismybutt". The name got blocked, so she changed it to Whatever. However, one of her alts used the Swaggermii Mii before it was deleted.
  • She has had many alts, using Miis such as such as Swaggermii (a carbon copy of her main Mii at first, Forever after that, then changed to Swaggermii), FetusBot (for the Bot Invasion), the aforementioned I<3urpants, and even Leo Luster (though that account was hardly used).
  • She used to be staff on this wiki, but she got demoted to a regular user.
  • She has made a series of parodies of the LMR community on YouTube, which is popular, yet infamous among LMR. It is called HELLMR.
  • The "fursona" she uses online is an orca that took loose inspiration from her Mii.
  • She has an OC named Bozard, who is relatively well-known among LMR.
  • In total, she has created over 150 alts on Wikia/Fandom. Most have been deactivated.
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