NNID DrunkenWhaler
Age Unknown
Joined May 5th, 2014
Community WiiFit U Community
Followers 79
System(s) owned System in the Nintendo 3DS Family
Birthday Unknown
Alts Unknown

Whaler is a somewhat known user who loves Mudkips and whales. Her first post was on May 5th, 2014 and got a tiny following with her Pokémon Series and Kirby drawings. But, she hasn't grown as much as you would think. The main reason is because in those three months, she has only made around 150 posts, which is honestly not a whole lot.


As mentioned above, Whaler started her Miiverse journey on May 5th, 2014 and has only gotten minimal exposure since then. But, that didn't stop her from making some really incredible drawings. Some of her best work includes: Dr.Eggman, (Yes, there is a bias) Mudkips, Charizard, and herself among others. Whaler eventually went on to joining Eggverse on June 9th, 2014. The exact day that Dr.Eggman had created Eggverse. After Eggman got banned for the first time, Whaler went on a
Whaler 2
long hiatus, lasting from June 11th - June 27th. Her first post back was a drawing of Dr.Eggman, looking as magnificent as ever!

Whaler currently draws things out of the ordinary like Eggkips or Mario doing a weird sexy pose. She also posts some hilarious and/or clever posts such as, "How much mud could a Mudkip kip if a Mudkip could kip mud" and "How tough am I? I ate an entire can of whale meat, and only hurled once"


As mentioned above, Whaler joined Eggverse from the very start. She has gone on to be one the biggest influences into what Eggverse is today, and without her, Eggverse would be nothing and Dr.Eggman would have most likely left Miiverse. Whaler was also the Third in Command of Eggverse, and she has done a great job at it. Once Eggman went on vacation and Whaler was alone, with an army of 25 users.


  • Whaler is a girl.
  • Whaler likes Mudkips and Whales.
  • Whaler used to be named Walfanger, but changed it because it was hard for people to remember or something like that. (It might have also been because Eggman would keep calling her Walf)
  • Even though Whaler likes to hang out with Dr.Eggman, she has expressed that she isn't a huge fan of the Sonic Series.
  • She thinks that Sonic is a cyclops.
  • She only has 52 followers, even though she has been around for 3 months.
  • She loves to draw weird things. (Not Bard weird)
  • She likes to kill Whales, and then rip off their flesh and eat them.

A Small Gallery of Her Work

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