An image of the WaraWara Plaza in 2012.

The WaraWara Plaza is a place found when the Wii U is loaded and enters the main menu. The WaraWara Plaza allows one to see Miiverse posts from recent games, and the Miis who posted on that game's community are shown under it. The Mii the signed-in account uses, the other accounts' Mii(s), and your Wii U friends will all wander in the middle of the plaza. This is the hub for the Wii U, and can be swapped from the GamePad to the television. The communities that appear will change from time to time so other communities have a chance to be noticed, but are usually communities for popular or newly released games. As a result, the YouTube Community is commonly seen on the plaza, along with the Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U Community and other Nintendo games. Depending on the age of the user, the WaraWara Plaza will show different communities because of their ESRB Rating.


Certain Miis have a different color/colour of pants. The pants have an associated meaning to differentiate and allow the user to find the variations of Miis much more quickly.

  • Red
    = Account on the Wii U
  • Orange
    = User on the Friends List
  • Grey
    = Regular User/Follower
  • Gold
    = Special Mii/Verified User (Often Nintendo Staff or game devs)


  • Back when it was shown off at E3 2012, the plaza had communities in the center of it.
  • The WaraWara Plaza was the first part of Miiverse to be seen before the network was released. It was revealed at E3 in 2012.
  • If it's a user's birthday, and that user launches WaraWara Plaza, confetti falls from the sky as Miis run in with their hands up in the air.
  • Any Miis on the WaraWara Plaza can be sent over to the Mii Maker app.
  • Pressing the L and R buttons can make the Communities spin around and the Miis will follow it.
  • After Miiverse shuts down, the Communities in the WaraWara Plaza will be replaced by the icons that appear when you are offline.

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