Game Series Mario (mainly spin-offs)
Date Debuted in July 21, 2000
First Appearence Mario Tennis
Latest Appearence Mario and Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games
Owned by Nintendo

Waluigi is a Mario character exclusively appearing in spin-off titles, and has never been in a main series Mario game as of now. His first appearance was as Wario's tennis partner in Mario Tennis 64 and he was met with negative reception at first, but sooner or later appeared in more and more Mario spin-off games, resulting in him become a staple character in said spin-offs, to the point where several fans were angered by the fact that Waluigi didn't appear as a playable character in Mario Kart 7.

Whilst Waluigi started out with very little fans, he became popular on the internet (and thus Miiverse) thanks to things like his infamous 'crotch chop' in Mario Strikers Charged and his appearances in the popular Nintendo webcomic Brawl in the Family.


On Miiverse, he is usually known for his catchphrase (if you would even call it that) "WWWWAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!".  Sometimes he has been depicted on Miiverse drawings and in text posts, usually yelling "Too Bad Waluigi time!", which is a common meme on Miiverse and other sites. Some users also make their Miis look like Waluigi.


  • Waluigi was created as a rival for Luigi.
  • He is rumored to be Wario's brother and Mario and Luigi's cousin, but these theories have been debunked. Saying that Waluigi is not related to anyone, and he's just Wario's friend.
  • After the negative reception with Mario Kart 7's lack of a Waluigi appearance, Nintendo has been quick to make Waluigi playable in the Mario Spin-Offs. This caused the internet to act suspicious.
  • Waluigi's most popular quote "Too Bad Waluigi Time!" isn't even said in an official Nintendo game. It was made in the Super Smash Bros. Brawl Webcomic; "Brawl in the Family". But that hasn't stopped Charles Martinet from saying it out loud anyway.
  • Similar to Wario, Waluigi's name comes from the Japanese name of Warui (Meaning "bad") and Ruīji (Meaning "Luigi")
  • Waluigi was specifically created to be a double-partner for Wario in Mario Tennis and to be a rival to Luigi.
  • For a very odd reason, Waluigi's eyes seem to "glow" in Mario Tennis for the Nintendo 64. It's unknown why this happens.
  • According to the Europe-Only comic, "Wario's Warehouse", Waluigi is incredibly stupid. But according to the Japanese website for Mario Tennis, Waluigi is smarter then Wario.
  • According to Waluigi's voice actor, Charles Martinet (Who also voices Mario, Luigi, Wario and smaller characters) says that Waluigi feels that all the good stuff is happening to others instead of him, causing him to be easily angered and miserable.
  • Waluigi is seen to have very powerful legs. To easily defeating Bowser in Mario Party 3 with them to stomping characters into the ground in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Wii U/3DS. Not even a skill Mario himself hasn't performed yet.
  • Waluigi is seen to have a fascination with Bob-Bombs and Piranha Plants.
  • While Waluigi is seen to hate a lot of characters besides Wario and especially towards Luigi, in the Mario Party 4 Instruction Manual, he is said to have a crush on Princess Daisy.
  • Bowser thinks very lowly of Waluigi in Fortune Street. Often stating his bad reputation and ugly appearance.

Gallery of Waluigi

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