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Wa$aKing14 is a user who is mainly off topic. He generally posts in the New Super Luigi U Community. He is normally friendly, but he can be rude and blunt at times, which often leaves him into arguments. He also has a weird obsession with Wario in which it can creep out some people. Wa$aKing14 is active on Miiverse, but he once said he'll leave Miiverse once the Nintendo Switch comes into stores.


Wa$aKing14 is a grumpy, sadistic, cynical and sometimes narcissistic person. Most of his Miiverse posts often consider him talking about a video game's negative aspects or events. Regardless, he isn't the most "positive" person alive. But he does happily talk about Mario, Sonic, Zelda and especially Wario games any day of the week. A running gag on his Miiverse account is that Wario is a very beautiful man who is misunderstood, but now it's rather downplayed and he doesn't talk about Wario that much anymore. Wa$aKing14 is often very mellow and is rarely ever mad. Because of his Aspergers, he can say things without really thinking about it which might sound more confusing than it needs to be or be flat out completely false. He tries to neglect this so he can act like a normal person.


  • He created a variation of Luigi known as "Luguinni".
  • Wa$aKing14 is an artist.
  • He's an Australian.
  • He has Aspergers Syndrome and Type 1 diabetes.
  • Wa$aKing14 is infamous for his posts about Wario. Albeit might be considered creepy to the other users. But he has since stopped the running gag.
  • Wa$aKing14 used to be very private about his facial features. But in recent years, he links photos of himself when he wants to.
  • Wa$aKing14's Le Miiverse Resource account is WasaKing14.
  • Wa$aKing14 also now has a Wii U, but only uses it for posting drawings and reviews of Wii U games, you can view the account here.
  • Wa$aKing14's favourite fictional character is Wario.
  • Wa$aKing14 has a perverted side. Which he mostly shows on Japanese communities.
  • Wa$aKing14 despises the YouTube Collaboration channel, the "Game Grumps". But despite that, he has yet to give a reason for it.
  • Wa$aKing14 is often made fun of because of his rather strange opinions.
  • An infamous event occurred to him that one of his posts that is about his relationship with his father was shown on website, Kotaku as a way to show that the New Super Luigi U Community is full of "shitposters". Needless to say, Wa$aKing14 was not happy about this.
  • Wa$aKing14 despises the "GRAND DAD 7" meme. Despite this, he didn't mind it back before Vinesauce Joel and SiIvaGunner popularized it.


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