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Age 14
Joined 10/01/13
Community NSLU and whichever club he feels like
Followers 2,415+ combined from all 18 accounts

most of them are probably alts ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

System(s) owned SO Wiiu

SO N3ds

Birthday 20/05/02 (D/M/Y)
Alts BlazoVSGogeta

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Venus is a user who used to post in the Smash Community. People may know him better by his old account name, Blast. His favourite thing is Dragon Ball. He usually keeps calm, but if something ticks him off, he will express.


Blast joined Miiverse on January 10th, 2013. He would post occasionally, becoming most active in December of 2013. He left for a while, coming back on August 18th, 2014. He seemed to enjoy himself, but a lot of that changed when the Super Smash Bros. Community was revamped, causing him to move with the other Smashers to the Volleyball Community, and later the Zelda community.

In December, it grew to his attention that quite a number of people did not know his gender, which he found stupid. Then, one day before the Smashers left to the Wii Fit U Community, he made this post,, which made him somewhat well known.

On December 29th 2014, Blast's main account got permabanned, and on February 21st, 2015, his Wii U was console-banned. Before that, it came out that Blast was 12 years old, and everyone lost their mind. He switched to primarily using his 3DS account, which got permabanned in June 2015.

Before the update, Chen (Suika) made him an account, which he shared with Chozo-X, Barbara and John, which got banned for 'marketing' because Blast quoted Dragon Ball. August 2015, Chozo made him an alt which acted as his main account for a long time. He posted in the New Super Mario Bros. U Community/New Super Luigi. U Community for almost a year, even though he grew to hate it. In August 2016, Evil Linj gave him the password for Sayled.


Venus is console banned, permanently banned on his 3DS and permanently banned on an alternative account that was made for him by a friend. His current IDs are accounts were lent to him by Chozo-X, Barbara and a friend who doesn't use Miiverse much.. In July 2016, he formatted his 3DS and now uses his lent accounts as backup. His gaming account is SPMZDE.

The Mafia

The Mafia is a group that Blast and Travis founded. They don't do much. The members are:


  • "delet this community"
  • "hot = not me"
  • "stomedy is god"
  • "salad senpai has returned"
  • "travis ur like 6 stop swearing"
  • "sofa ur 4"
  • "if you say bacl you're dead to me"
  • "i like cockies"
  • "thanks for letting me stay in ur house [name]"
  • "zepjur"
  • "nothin 2 liv 4 >w<"
  • "do u smonk wed"



Bootiful art, I r8 8/8 m8 no h8.

  • His real name is Lucas.
  • He's been banned 32 times across 18 accounts.
  • He is a professional artist, as shown to the right.
  • Venus changed his name from Blast to Venus because he thinks that Venusaur is better than Blastoise
  • The joke "Hi, I explode" was caused by Michael putting one of his profile comments on Bad Translator, turning "Hi. I'm Blast." into "Hi. I explode." This has become one of Venus's preferred introductions.
  • His main in Super Smash Bros. Brawl was Wolf, who he believes should have been included in Smash 4.
  • He plans to leave Miiverse soon, due to him not wanting to get Chozo and Barbara console-banned.
  • 'Bacl' was created on Venus's first day in the LMR chat, where he spelled back as bacl. He's not proud of it.
  • He is a fan of the YouTuber Stomedy.

A glorious comment from Venus.


A drawing of Venus with Blastoise by Jam.