Venezuela Club
Community Type Sub
Launch Date October 30th, 2013
Special Attributes Unknown
Community console Wii U
Game Genre Sports
Related Communities Wii Sports Club country clubs

This is the community for Venezuela Club. Cheer on other members, boast about getting new records, and have fun building team spirit. Come on, Venezuela Club!

The Venezuela Club is one of the sub communities of the Wii Sports Club Community. 


War on Venezuela

War on Venezuela
Date Started Mar. 1st, 2017
Date Ended Unknown
Community Venezuela Club
Notable Users Involved Jr Troopa, Antler, MII King, Darkchu

The war began when Jr Troopa wanted to prevent Venezuela from becoming an Undertale community.

Darkchu decides to enter the war to make Venezuela a containment community for Undertale. Jr Troopa insists on purging the SU and Undertale fanbase from Miiverse and claim the community for himself, but Darkchu decides to claim the community for the Saku Empire and allowing the Undertale community to post there as an alternative.

The next say, Darkchu allies with MII King for the interest of letting Undertale fans post in the community. Sticklandia, lead by dino, declares war on the Saku Empire to claim the community for their expansion. Observer also joins the war and allies with the Saku Empire, which later rebranded its name to Black Kings. Freege and the Freedom League also aids the Black Kings.

On March 5th, Jr Troopa formed an agreement with Darkchu to stop his attacks if he received his own LMR page. However, dino refuses to give up his attack. The Velox Empire decided to ally with dino while Team Luxe allied with Black Kings after some members were separated.

This is stupid. What even is this.

—Duckness, the best/worst editor


The Venezuela community was used as a backup community for the Undertale fanbase. After the war on Venezuela, it is claimed by the Black Kings. There's two different sides of the war; the Black Kings Alliance who want the community to be a backup, and the Sticklandia Empire, who would rather have the Undertale community post in a different community.



Black Kings Alliance

  • Darkchu (leader)
  • Antler (formerly)
  • SuperKev (Team Luxe leader)
  • MII king (safety-zone leader)
  • Super (Freedom League leader)
  • Dirk (Observer)
  • Douglas
  • icepick
  • Jarhead
  • Deadfish
  • Pit
  • Frutz
  • Waluigi

Sticklandia Empire

  • dino (leader)
  • Jr Troopa (formerly)
  • YNoSwitch (Velox Empire leader)
  • Chomp (Meme Empire leader, former ally)

Major Users

  • SS☆Kurome


  • This community is where the first major war Black Kings was in, as they rebranded their name as the war went on.
  • Before the war, this community was used as a temporary back-up for Panama Club after some major drama broke loose.