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SO N3ds 3DS (only for VideoGameCinema account)

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VGCinema is a member of LMR (formerly) and Miiverse. To the community, he is known as Dr. Eggman. VGCinema has also been other personalities, such as: Batman, Doc Brown, Deadpool, Daniel Bryan, and PeanutButterGamer.


VGCinema joined Miiverse in February of 2014. He started out as himself, in hopes to make a YouTube video about the Wii U and its features. He soon fell in love with the site, and was inspired by other Roleplayers on the site and created a Batman Mii, and started posting primarily on the SSB Community. People were not too fond of this, as VGCinema never truly acted like Batman, and posted random off-topic posts that never really had anything to do with Batman.

In April of 2014, VGCinema decided to stop being Batman, hoping it would get people off of his case, and chose to be his favourite WWE Wrestler, Daniel Bryan. He mostly posted, "YES" to everything, which people loved at the time. But, he didn't. He wanted more, he wanted to be bigger and a character he loves. VGCinema then went off the grid.

Dr. Eggman

In June of 2014, Dr. Eggman showed up on the scene to try and take over Miiverse. This got many people interested into who or what he was. People soon thought he was the real Eggman, or an employee of SEGA, promoting Sonic Boom. This allowed Eggman to grow his army, and create Eggverse. Dr. Eggman then used this new found fame to try and bring back dead communities. (Such as Tennis) But, this new found fame also brought in enemies. IvoEggman being the most prominent, who tried to convince people that he was VGCinema after he got banned. VGCinema has been banned many times as Eggman. One of his accounts is Perma-Banned.

On April 18th of 2015, VGCinema announced that he will be ending his journey as Eggman on June 1st of that same year. He claims that he was tired of talking about eggs and wanted to make it on Miiverse without the crutch of an actual character. He has also chosen that date so he can end his journey on the exact day he started it. He did not make this date however, since he stopped being Eggman on the 24th of April.


VGCGreg soon thereafter creates a new Miiverse account and new Wikia account with the title, VGCinema. This is a spin from his YouTube name, Video Game Cinema. He finds a decent following on Miiverse and other from the Wikia soon realize that he is Eggman. Some of the users started treating him different, some for the better and some for the worse. The ones for the better was the ones who respected him for making it out of Eggman's shadow, while others just thought he was cashing in on the popularity of Eggman.

The Return of the Egg

On the 21st of May, NeoNick and Doctor Fakey had started talking about trying to bring Miiverse back to its former glory. One of their topics was to bring back Eggverse as a tool to bring their ideas to light. They suggested it to VGCinema, and said that he would need to lead it again. He agreed, and thus Eggman was reborn. This did not last long though, as VGCinema received a console ban warning on 30th of May, 2015.

On August 22nd, 2015 VGCinema posted that he will come back for a week as Doctor Eggman, but only if he could get his post 15+ Yeahs. He got to that number, relativity easy and will come back as Eggman from August 23rd to August 29th. He will return to being VGCinema afterwards. VGCinema was then promoted to Chat Mod on August 28th, 2015.

The End

On August 30th, 2015 VGCinema announced that he must leave LMR soon, and that he has to give up his LMR modship so his sister could get done with school a year early. VGCinema hated saying goodbye to his friends, and hopes that he'll see them again on Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr.

Most Notable Friends/Acquaintances




  • Spider-Gwen is his Waifu.
  • Agents of SHIELD is his favourite TV Show.
  • Steven Universe is his favourite Animated Series.
  • He loves the cast and characters from the Sonic Series, even if the games aren't the best ever.
  • His favourite game series is Assassin's Creed.
  • He likes Sony more than Nintendo.
  • He cried during the first five minutes of The Last of Us.
  • He doesn't know why he still hangs out on Miiverse and related sites.
  • He's known to have a lot of Unpopular Opinion.
  • He created a meme once, "Better Get Some Eggs"
  • He's the self-proclaimed, biggest fanboy of Nolan North.
  • Hotline Bling is his favorite song.
  • Finally understands the hype of Undertale.


  • "I want an Undertale HD Remake"
  • "That awkward moment: When a random blue Hedgehog destroys a $1,000,000 robot..."
  • "Feggs are Fake Eggs, Fakeman loves Feggs."
  • "I want to kill whoever created the Sonic Underground Eggman"
  • "Good Eggman, you stupid fuck."
  • "I have a fetish where people keep their clothes on, and don't have sex."
  • "Eggman has ruined my life"
  • "If there are diamonds out there, I must be the rough part."
  • "Don't change unless you want to change."
  • "Anime makes me question life. And not in the cool, philosophical way."
  • "PS4 > Wii U >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Xbox One"


VGCinema has a YouTube Channel where he reviews video games called, Video Game Cinema. He's reviewed games such as Super Mario 3D World, Wind Waker, and Sonic '06. Here is a couple of of his videos.

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TOP 10 PBG Videos (2009-2014) - VGC-0

TOP 10 PBG Videos (2009-2014) - VGC-0

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VGC Reactions Too Much Water