I HAVE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING SO TERRIFYING IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. (This will be everyone soon) When "Virika" throws a reset bomb at Miiverse users

The Update of 6/24/15 is what some users call, the Genocide Update. Sometime during the morning a verified user named Erika announced a new update to Miiverse, if a user gets banned their alt accounts get banned too. (or their fellow family members. etc.) This sent users in an uproar as very few users were happy with this update, a few Smashers and WFU users considered moving to LMR or just leaving Miiverse entirely via alternatives.

However, many claim to have called Nintendo about this, where they supposedly said they may lift the update. This has yet to come to pass.

The update was mostly forgotten, however, after the Miiverse Redesign, as many think it is even worse.

The message

"Hi Miiverse friends! Today, I would like to share with you an important change to the way we handle account restrictions. As I'm sure you already know, if someone’s post or message violates the Miiverse Code of Conduct, their Nintendo Network ID may be restricted depending on the details and number of violations. However, in many cases, a restricted user would simply create a new Nintendo Network account, or use a previously-created one, and continue posting despite receiving the restriction. To prevent this in the future, we have decided to implement a new system in which the restriction applies to all accounts that use the same Wii U console or Nintendo 3DS system. This will also apply to accounts created after the restriction has been issued.

The restriction period may vary, so make sure to read the administrator’s message carefully if you get one.

To keep Miiverse a fun and safe place for everyone, please be sure to read and follow the Miiverse Code of Conduct. To review the Code of Conduct on your Wii U console or Nintendo 3DS system, select “User Page”, followed by “User Menu”, then “Manual/Miiverse Code of Conduct”, and finally “Miiverse Code of Conduct & FAQs”. If you’re using the web version, select “User Page”, followed by “User Menu”, and then “Miiverse Code of Conduct & FAQs”. That’s all for today. Thanks for reading!"

~Erika's message 



  • Erika's post got 1004 comments and had reached the comment limit in less than 5 hours
  • This update gives false reporters a huge advantage
  • Some users assumed this update was because of the Sherrie Controversy.
  • Perma-bans will not cause all accounts to be Permabanned. Instead, the alt accounts will just be banned for 2 weeks,which caused a few users to stay.
  • Many users started creating replacement versions of Miiverse due to this, such as NewverseMiiWorld, and a Subreddit called /r/MiiverseSmashers and
  • Many people left miiverse for a short time after this update was released.
  • Many people called Nintendo, but they haven't given a true answer to what they said yet.
  • Many polls were made to change the affects of the update.


Miiverse Erika Stalker

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