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His old mii.
NNID TheGreenWonder
Age Unknown
Joined 2012
Community Activity Feed, also seen in the WiiFit U Community sometimes
Followers 1057
System(s) owned SO WiiuSO N3ds
Birthday January 9
Alts RektAaron
United Miis (formerly Miiverse Rebellion Army) is an organization on Miiverse. They have been on Miiverse since April 23rd, 2014. The organization's leader is named Aaron. The group was created to get rid of the three minute comment restriction. The leader, Aaron, was an enemy of Dooku for a long time, but in 2014 the two set aside their differences, and the U.M. became allies with Dooku and his C.I.S. The group currently has a lot of members. Former members consist of James, Sliver10, Michael, and ShadowZack. Aaron still leads the group, but he disbanded the group for a few days in 2014 before coming back. They had been allies with other groups such as the Shepherds, which is no longer an active group.

The group was one of the many people who had opposed the three minute rule. The group's efforts has been somewhat successful, and, combined with the efforts of others, lowered the posting rule from 3 to 2 minutes.

The group had originally planned to stop the Smashers from going to the Volleyball community, but they decided to do nothing because they didn't really see it as anything. They had also attempted to get the Smashers into the Meme Run community. They were made up of on-topic and off-topic posters who all respect one another. They alost assisted Count Dooku on Miiverse with helping the Smashers and the The Legend of Zelda Series community from getting into a fight again. The U.M. was a powerful group on Miiverse, and was one of the only groups that are not corrupted. Sadly, The United Miis disbanded to honor the death of Satoru Iwata.

Refering to why he ended his group, Aaron had this to say: "Nintendo never intended Miiverse to be the host of many wars and rebellions, so I disbanded the U.M. To also further push Miiverse to what its true purpose was: To chat about games and to have fun doing so."


  • The leader used to be called Nerdtron
  • Aaron had a Doc Louis Mii during Halloween of 2014
  • Earlier in the U.M.'s history, they had an enemy group, their leader was called Geektron, who, for a short time, posed as an imposter of Aaron.
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