Tuosev Alt Mii

Tuosev Mii

NNID TriforceTracker (permabanned)
StoneSage (active)
Age Unknown
Joined Unknown
Community Crunchyroll Community, YouTube Community, and Zelda communities.
Followers Unknown
System(s) owned SO N3dsSO Wiiu
Birthday Unknown
Alts Unknown

Tuosev is a user who claims to be intelligent and level headed. He isn't very well known, but those who know him can attest to his uncanny ability to assess both sides of a conflict and bring both sides to an agreement.

He respects the opinions of others and can accept others regardless of their beliefs. However, he has a strong dislike for trolling, because he detests the idea of users trying to anger other users for no reason other than to have fun. "Playing with people's emotions is twisted. Why would other people getting mad make you happy?"

Miiverse Activity

He began using Miiverse around the time of it's 3DS release, and his activity became consistent after obtaining a Wii U. He allies himself with the Zelda community, or "Hylians" as they are known to some. He can frequently be found lurking in the The Legend of Zelda Series Community commenting on other posts and occasionally leaving a thought of his own.

Around the time of the infamous Smashers VS Hylians war, when the Smashers invaded the Zelda community, Tuosev left Miiverse until the Smashers had moved to The Wii Fit U Community


Yes, I, Tuosev, did make this page myself. The above information is how I view my own self on Miiverse. I tried to be as unbiased as I possibly could, but that's hard to do because, well, I'm talking about myself. I welcome any feedback from other users as well. Also, if you have something to add, please add it below in a separate section so I can compare opinions.

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