The Troll Face.

Trolls are users who purposely tried to aggravate others, or sometimes make others laugh. Trolls were commonly found in the YouTube Community, mainly to troll role-players and Wii Fit U Community. Trolls have been on Miiverse since the Super Smash Bros. Series Community had been launched. The Troll population had greatly shrunk before the closure of Miiverse, although there was still an increasing amount.


When the Super Smash Bros. Series Community was launched, the growth of off-topic posts became apparent. Many users became Trolls and had spread off-topic posts everywhere. It later became evident that the Trolls made Miiverse grow rapidly.

The majority of the Veteran Trolls were either Xbox and/or PlayStation fanboys who often trolled on how the Wii U sucked and its flaws. Later on in July 2013, a movement known as Free Miiverse was in effect. Many Trolls created this rebellion, but it ultimately failed, and many were banned for their actions.


2014 saw a large influx of new users joining Miiverse. As the Smasher population grew, so did the Troll population. Trolls later became dominant in their homeland of the Super Smash Bros. Series Community. Such famous examples are Nahtatroll and Mr. Right. These users inspired other users to become Trolls.

Despite their large and dominant population in the Super Smash Bros. Series Community, this would come to an end. Tom closed down the regular Super Smash Bros. Series Community, and many Smashers were forced to move to The Legend of Zelda Series Community. A war (Great Smash/Zelda War) occurred between the Smashers and Hylians. During this war, the Troll population was hit real hard, and many Trolls were either console banned, or joined the Smashers. 

Even after leaving The Legend of Zelda Series Community the original trolling idea from the Super Smash Bros. Series Community has changed completely.

Wii Fit U Era

After moving to the Wii Fit U Community, the Smashers troll population changed completely. Many of the Trolls in the Smashers groups began to invade the YouTube Community causing a rift between the YouTube and Wii Fit U Communities, eventually where the Smashers got blamed for their deeds

Despite the efforts to resolve the conflict, some Trolls often try to cause drama. While many blamed these on the massive boom of newer users, there were in fact some Trolls from the Super Smash Bros. Series Community, one of them being KingAdam.

The last state of the Trolls

Trolls lived in both the YouTube Community and the New Super Luigi U Community. The exclusion zones are The Legend of Zelda Series Community, in which the community was guarded by many clans who were willing to report Trolls and get them banned. 

The Trolls in the Smashers have greatly decreased due to the war against the Hylians, but Trolls still existed in forms of War Seekers, also known as Bandwagoners and Drama Seekers (those of whom are heavily disliked by most Smashers).

Restricted Communities

Trolls were not welcome in The Legend of Zelda Series Community, along with many other on-topic Communities. The Legend of Zelda Series Community is often a prime target for Trolls due to the Community being slow and empty most of the time. Despite this "easy" target, the Community in fact was heavily guarded by clans, the most notable ones being the Corrupted Rebels, the Requiem of Spirits, and Defenders of Zelda. There were also users from the Wii Fit U Community and the YouTube Community who strongly dislike invading other largely populated Communities. However, these users were often silenced due to the amount of Trolls from their home Community. 


  • Trolls could mostly be found in the Wii Fit U and YouTube Communities, although some could be found elsewhere.
  • Despite Nintendo Land and Mario Party 10 Communities having weird posts, they weren’t Trolls.
  • Most of the original Trolls from the Smashers group are long gone.
  • Before the term 'Smasher' came about, 'Troll' was a popular substitute, though not every user fit the standard description.
  • Mr. Right made Trolling popular.
  • Many Trolls followed the Smashers.
  • Most Trolls resided in the New Super Luigi U Community for quite some time.
  • The game Meme Run was removed from the eShop on March 3rd, 2015 due to the iconic "Troll Face" being used in the game without the original artist's and creator's permission.