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Trey is a Miiverse user and member of SmashyClub known for his heartwarming monologues and haikus. When he isn't writing poetry, he enjoys ferociously fapping to his favorite movie, Aladdin. Trey is responsible for the Hatty J. Hattington fandom. This angers him, which is why he retired to the SmashyClub in the first place.



Just look at him

It may not look like it, but this guy is actually a really tough guy. He successfully pranked a lot of famous Miiverse users. He never gets banned, and he doesn't afraid of anything! Trey is a very passionate man, and thinks deeply about the world we live in.

Relationship with Hatty

Trey feels responsible for making Hatty so extremely famous. Because of this, Trey resents Miiverse for being so sheep-like and lame. Trey arranged to break up with Hatty over dinner, so that he would not be able to make a scene. The two Smashers eventually made love instead of war by making a truce. Trey still claims to have better friends than Hatty, but who really knows?


  • He made peace with Hatty. Though is wasn't as important because Trey already has better friends.
  • He also has a passion for many things.
  • He's tall, he can't be the Napoleon of Smashy and Miiverse.
  • He also hates his Miiverse career due to attracting the Hatty fandom.
  • Yes, he loves YOU for making him popular.
  • He has jacked off to Aladdin a handful of times. (Heh. "Handful" Get it?)

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