Age 12
Joined  January 5, 2013
Community New Super Luigi U Community
Followers 5,811+
System(s) owned SO N3ds SO Wiiu
Birthday 5/24
Alts BelringBoy



Travis (also known as "ZetaStar" or "BELI") is a console banned user on Miiverse.

His Mii is based off the main character from the fan-made game "MOTHER 4". Travis can sometimes be sarcastic, or serious at times.

His wikia user name is BELI24


The character he's based off of.


Travis joined Miiverse in early 2013. Travis was mostly a inactive user on Miiverse until the Summer of 2013, when Super Smash Bros was announced for the Wii U and 3Ds, he became a bit more active. So he started posting in the E3 2013 and Super Smash Bros Series community.

Occasionally he would draw on Miiverse, but the drawings would be "trash".

By May 2014, Travis became more active on Miiverse, and started to post in Super Smash Bros. Series and YouTube (since they were both popular at time). Sometimes he would post On-Topic and Off-Topic at times. By June to July he was posting in the E3 2014 community and Smash Bros Series. August just felt 'boring' for him, but around this time he found out about Le Miiverse Resource Wikia.

October 2014 changed a bit because they had to move to Zelda Series community, and this community is where he got banned more often. He gave alts out to users, which got banned because of this, it gave him a Console ban warning. During November he started making "The Travis clones" which started off small. On December 14, 2014, Travis has been Console banned on his Wii U. He came back on Miiverse thanks to his friend who made the account TravisReturns. On December 23rd he starting spamming with his other alts on the Zelda Series community which made other users to change their miis or names to something related to Travis during the day, and that same day Miiverse had a maintenance.

January 2015 came rolling it, and started with controversy with the Zelda Series community so that is why they "moved to" the Wii Fit U community, and that is where Travis started "trash posting" there. Unfortunately on Super Bowl Sunday, he got Console banned on his 3DS. On February 22nd he got Console banned on his New 3DS XL, due to linking with 3DS (with no knowledge, yes I was stupid).

From March to July he was still on Miiverse (on his TravisReturns and TravisMLG account) posting in the Wii Fit U community, and from those months he made more friends on Miiverse one of these users include: Floyd, Meryl, Flygonnie, and Fluid. During the Summer of 2015 he would these "Chatrooms" with Floyd , Meryl , and some other users. He also started posting in the E3 2015 community... but not that much.

On August he left Miiverse temporary until September he started posting again in the New Super Luigi U Community which means he couldn't post as much as before because "30 POSTS ONLY PER DAY!!!"

In 2016 where nothing much has happened... other than getting banned on March but returning under an account darkrai013... by June he got banned again, but came back under the NNID, MaskedDescole.

By Summer 2016, Travis started yeahbombing using a yeahbot, which caused some users to block him because of yeahbombing. As of August of 2016, Travis made an account under the NNID, BelringBoy (by Unconsole banning his 3DS), making him give Flygonnie her alt (MaskedDescole) back.




  • "Where is my Pineapple sauce?"
  • "1 yeah = 1 Travis AMIIBO"
  • "Lucina is 12 years old!"
  • "mmmmmmmm"
  • "I broke the yeah button"
  • "Hey guys it's your cuz BELI25 from Beverly Hills"


  • He is Console Banned on his Wii U, 3DS, and New 3DS XL.
  • He spammed the Legend of Zelda Series community with his "clones" and "alts".
  • He also started the "Real name in the comments" spam.
  • He joined January of 2013, but was more active during the Summer where he starting posting in different communities like E3 2013 & Smash Series.
  • He made alts for people on his Wii U, but because of this he got his Console ban warnings.
  • He shared his alt multiple times with other people.
  • He has a YouTube channel, Trahvis L.
  • Colors Live account is PSITravis.
  • His real name is Brandon.
  • He used to be a Discussion Mod and Content mod on Le Miiverse Resource Wiki


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