Tomodachi Life is a game exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS that allows placing one's Mii characters on an island. As you add and raise Miis, the island grows. It is a sequel to the Japan-only game, Tomodachi Collection, which was a Nintendo DS exclusive.

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Most would compare Tomodachi Life to the franchise of Animal Crossing series of games. However, you are more of an observer than anything. In this game, your Miis live on an island, which can be named. Any Miis can be added to your island by transferring them from the Mii Maker, from someone else's copy of the game,  using QR codes, or using the Mii Maker in the game. The Mii Maker in the game is the same as the actual application, but in Tomodachi Life you can add extra information, such as a last name, age, and personality.

Once you have made some Miis, you can give them things such as food, clothes and interiors. You can also help them out with any proble

ms they have.

The Miis on your island can become friends with each other, and even best friends. You can also get couples on your island. These couples can get married and have an unlimited number of kids.

QR codes

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Main Article: Tomodachi Life Community

The Tomodachi Life Community is an on-topic and troll-free community, like Nintendo Land, but more active. The huge majority of posts has screenshots. Sometimes, Miiverse daters post here. The game is popular amount many users of many ages on Miiverse, and many notable users play the game. It is still one of the most popular communities on Miiverse to this day. A user with bad grammar named Sherrie who was apparently 22 years old started dating young boys on the community in 2015. This lead to much of controversy, and she eventually was banned. If she actually is 22, then she is a pedophile.


  • Vinny created a series of Tomodachi Life on YouTube.[1]
  • This game has received a slight controversy for not allowing Miis to marry another of identical gender (and yes, people really did complain). Shortly afterwards, a campaign called "Miiquality" was started.
    • Nintendo stated they would add it in future installments, thus hinting to a possible sequel.
  • The word "tomodachi" means friend in Japanese, so it's called "Friends Life"