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Tom is a verified user on Miiverse. Tom works for Nintendo where he lists the details of every Miiverse update that happens. The updates tend to make everyone mad, but Tom seems to believe that the users support them. He also owns a Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. Although some people see Tom as cruel and unforgiving, most people follow him and say Tom is quite a nice guy. He normally posts updates and announcements in the Miiverse Announcements Community. Though after the redesign he hasn't been as active.

"Tom's Updates"

"Tom's Updates" are usually updates for Miiverse posted by Tom. His updates are usually the larger updates to Miiverse. Keep in mind that while these are called "Tom's Updates", Tom is not the one who makes the new updates on Miiverse. Tom says he's the messenger, despite being blamed for. He is similar to the user Erika as they both share announcements, the only difference being Tom posts in the America's and Erika posts in Europe and Oceania.

3 Minute Comment rule

The update considered worst by fans of Tom's is generally considered to be the 3 minute rule which introduced the waiting time of 3 minutes in between your last post or comment (If you made the post, the 3 minute rule doesn't apply to your comments) This caused a lot of rage on Miiverse and many people protested against it. Although it was shorted down to 2 minutes in response to the widespread backlash.


When people think Tom actually made the update. It was actually the admins on Miiverse that created the rule to reduce spam. Although people blame Tom for the update, even though he's just the messenger.

People today still blame Tom for the comment update, and even Erika (another vertified user) got blamed for Miiverse's Redesign.


  • His favorite game genres are adventure, racing and RPG's.
  • Some people believe that Tom and Amy were dating.
  • He likes Luigi's Death Stare.
  • He owns an amiibo of all of the 8 Super Smash Bros. starter characters.
  • Rumors have began to circulate, stating that Tom will be replaced in the future.
  • There are also some rumors that Tom isn't an actual person, since he isn't mentioned at all outside of Miiverse.
  • Although his age is unknown, he has stated that he's a "big kid".
  • Tom is often considered responsible for Miiverse updates, but he only serves as a kind of messenger whenever an update happens.