NNID toarioshi
Age 16
Joined 2012
Community Art Academy Community
Followers 3180
System(s) owned SO N3dsSO Wiiu
Birthday 22nd September
Alts Unknown

Just some 16 year old jabroni

Been drawing here for about 3 years so that's why I'm unnecessarily excessive in popularity. All I'm doing now are Mario levels Smash replays miscellaneous doodles and sometimes a real drawing if I find the time

I'm going back to traditional art nowadays so stuff from me will probably be less frequent, but I get on when I can i'm also vinesauce trash

—Toarioshi's profile comment

Toarioshi (NNID:Toarioshi) is a user on Miiverse. He makes comedic posts that receive an average of 200-1000+ yeahs. He has made over 600 posts, but has not been posting as much as of late. He is most often on the Super Smash Bros. Community, though he also likes the Animal Crossing: New Leaf Community. Besides drawing, he also posts captioned screenshots. He is a great user.


  • People used to think his Mii was a girl.
  • Toarioshi is a popular artist with over 3,000 followers. Toarioshi is also know for his Mario Maker levels and Smash 4 captions.
  • Toarioshi is most known for his work on the Act Academy community.


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