36gpq6ckym214 standard
NNID 66-MarioPro
Age  ??
Joined February 2013
Community YouTube
Followers 110
System(s) owned SO N3ds SO Wiiu
Birthday September 23
Alts PhotoOfMom (inactive)
Sk~Super (inactive)

ToadBrawlz is a smasher who joined Miiverse in it's early state.


ToadBrawlz started out in February as Dylan. He posted about Nintendo Land and made a clan for MKWii and SSBB called Shell Seekerz (SK), which was cancelled in 2014. ToadBrawlz posted alot in 2013; around 10 times a day to the point where he was obsessed. He was banned for two weeks on April 10th, 2013.

ToadBrawlz also had been posting fanfiction, which his most popular one was called Pokemon fanfiction, which had 17 "episodes". In 2014, he nearly completely stopped with Miiverse, he was very inactive. In June 2015, he broke his Wii U GamePad screen so he couldn't type, meaning he just posted in discussions on mobile.

ToadBrawlz started playing on Miiverse about once each day, only really checking out community posts. Whenever he did post, it was a question. But he posted something about a troll, and on October 9th, 2015, he was banned again for two weeks. He is now unbanned and back on Miiverse.


  • ToadBrawlz actually had a best friend on Miiverse, named Mike. They did lots together until Mike got banned and quit due to the Miiverse revision.
  • ToadBrawlz has his own YouTube channel called ToadBrawlerSSB4, which has 150+ subscribers so far.
    • He hasn't talked about his Miiverse on his channel yet.

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