NNID Toad28
Age 18
Joined December 28th, 2013
Community YouTube Community
Followers 7500
System(s) owned SO Wiiu

SO N3ds

Birthday November 26
Alts Unknown

Toad (NNID: Toad28) is a popular Miiverse user who's mostly known for drawing famous people. He has drawn over 300 drawings so far and most of them are posted in the YouTube Community. He has over 7900 followers and is following 19 users.


Toad is mostly known for drawing celebrities, his most drawn person is by far Michael Jackson. He has also posted drawings of Elvis Presley, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Adele and many others.


Besides celebrity drawings, he's also known for putting controversial topics in his drawings, like gay marriage and racism. These drawings often get a lot of attention and comments. Most of his controversial drawings are taken down by admins (see Gallery for pictures taken when they were still online). One of his most popular controversial drawing is a drawing with text saying "Being gay is not a sin [1] ", the drawing was the second popular drawing in the YouTube community and has now more than 1200 yeahs. The comment section reached the max in only 14 hours and consists 28 deleted comments. The highest amount of yeahs on a comment is 68 (see picture).


Comment with 68 yeahs

Most of his controversial drawings reached the 100 comment limit and scored a very high position in the popular posts section of the YouTube community. The admins don't seem to like the drawings that much though, as most of them are now taken down.


  • He's only been banned once.
  • He is a fan of Michael Jackson.
  • He's a Splatoon player with rank S+.
  • He likes horror movies.


Celebrity drawings

Controversial drawings

Other drawings

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