Da best
Game Series Super Mario
Date Debuted in September 13th, 1985
First Appearence Super Mario Bros. (1985)
Latest Appearence Mario Party: The Top 100 (2017)
Owned by Nintendo
Toad is a major character from the Super Mario Series, who has appeared in most main-series titles and spin-off games so far. Like Yoshi, Toad is the name given to both the species itself and the character. His first appearance was in Super Mario Bros, where you would rescue a Toad after defeating a false Bowser in each world. He is known for his quote "Thank you Mario , but your princess is in another castle!".

Toad was playable for the first time in Super Mario Bros 2, and got his first game, Wario's Woods, in 1994. He is generally known as the fastest of the Mario characters, but has low jumping power. Toads normally come in six variations: Red spots with blue clothes, red spots and red clothes, blue spots and clothes, yellow spots and clothes, green spots and clothes, and purple spots and clothes, although there is a rare orange colour.

Although Toads are a species, at least one of them is in fact named Toad. That's like naming your baby 'Human.' It's weird. It's weird.


Many Miiverse users love the character Toad, mainly because Toad is cute. Users like TanukiDee love toad a lot.

He has also been requested for Smash many times on Miiverse, but he remained as Peach's down special move.

Toads have recently gone into a bit of controversy because of the massive amount of them in Mario RPGs (More specifically Paper Mario: Sticker Star , Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam and Paper Mario Color Splash) instead of orginal new characters.

Toads scream in mario kart 64

Toads scream in mario kart 64

Toad's famous scream in Mario Kart 64




  • He has a female alternative named Toadette.