• Hey guys Wall Street Journal here and welcome to bootleg LMR Drama Alert, where we overexaggerate over people we find are opposing our liberal ways. This time we will be attacking neo-nazi Denning. I will be getting all my information from this recent demotion thread and not any other because we journalists from Wall Street Journal don't have to research in order to prove a point. We are only doing this to spread bad publicity and slandering people we don't like.

    Fellow liberal Rockbot made a thread about demoting Denning for many dastardly anti-Semitic acts. These are what my fellow rock said that is the main reason to demoting Denning:

    "Doesn't pay good attention to stuff going on in the wiki, bad attitude, and doing nothing for the Wiki except kill its community"

    Fellow liberals, we are here to stand and tell anyone opposing this fact that they are wrong. Denning has proved this because there are no other anti-Semitic admins on this wikia. Obviously we will blame Denning for everything. He is like the anti-Capitalist president Herbert Hoover. We blame him for the Great Depression because there was no one else to point fingers at that are worth noting. It might be a guy named Mike Rotch, but he wasn't very rememberable was he?

    Let's slander all of Denning's fascist lies. Let's start with his first sentence, "I check quite often." Why is this a lie? He's not the most active user of wikia because the most active user is Korndude. He always checks wikia to start telling them that they are communist. If Denning really checked often then he would of been replying to Korndude's truthful statements. 

    "Look at my log. I still use my powers regularly or as much as possible on an inactive wiki like this. You only have one example where I was slacking in doing my job, and I don't think that's enough to prove your point." This is what Hitler would say obviously. One example is enough to justify any of your lies. We at Wall Street Journal don't have time for research and looking through articles and "logs". We only jump bandwagons and create them when we are bored out of our minds.

    "Wanting this site to remain inactive because its userbase is pretty much gone is not "not caring for this wiki" tbh no joke we can always just advertise LMR to NSLU. You guys have Discord. Wikia is a public place..........hsnhgguffnsjs...... fuck there was this fucking Leafy supporter at my keyboard. I don't have time to delete comments because we don't have the time to do it. We Keemstar supporters are very loyal to time. Anyways, Denning could of been taking care of this wikia if only he was more active than Korndude.

    "Also, reminder shitposting on serious threads is not allowed." This is a perfect example of an anti-Semitic. He opposes FREEDOM OF SPEECH. This is not the land of the free. This is Nazi Germany. We at Wall Street Journal accuse people of being Nazis and we attempt to stop them because of their hateful acts. 

    "Why would you waste 20 minutes arguing with someone when you could've been blocking the rule breakers first." Isn't the neo-nazi the only admin on LMR? We have the freedom of speech to complain about things in our free time.

    "Because I chose not to resign." That's exactly what Hitler would of done. He would have no chance going back up the ranks if he were to demote himself. After all, it's all about power in Nazi LMR. 

    "bye" THIS is the most prominent example of why he is anti-Semitic. I don't even need to explain.

    I will not be reading the rest of the article because we don't need to research. This is all the proof we need to make the public notice that Denning is a neo-nazi. 

    But I have a conspiracy... one that makes Denning innocent. This is the TRUTH about LMR's death. 

    There are other users that might of caused LMR to die. These users include Sakuraichu, Freezeblade, Korndude, and the Light. Let's explain why each of these users might of caused LMR to die. This is all based on assumptions and lies, because we at Wall Street Journal don't have time to research.

    Sakuraichu: Hero of LMR or True Villain?

    Sakuraichu has been known as one of the biggest influencial users on LMR. He has proved to be on the good side of things such as starting a revolution against Denning, but what if he was the true mastermind of this operation? 

    Let's start back in 2016 when the Discord was made for users to move. While that happened, Sakuraichu attempted to move LMR to a bootleg wikia website that has a similar style to the Mario wiki we all go on when we were 8 years old. This is the earliest sign of Sakuraichu trying to kill LMR, but for what purpose?

    He later creates a revolution of anti-communist to make it seem Denning is the LMR multilator. He was backed by the many Denning haters we see on the forums. This is a clear sign that Sakuraichu is trying to get all the hate onto Denning so later Sakuraichu wouldn't be blamed for future actions. 

    But one thing doesn't make sense. There wasn't any other proof that he would of killed LMR. Maybe it had to be someone very smart... like Korndude.

    Korndude: bitch ass faygo or secret undercover agent?

    Maybe Sakuraichu had to hire someone to be on at all times... someone very active like Korndude. With his toxicating memes, terrible grammar, bad punctuation, and rude attitude, Korndude might of been trying to prevent future users from joining LMR. He organized users such as Ryu to help him prevent new users from coming by being as cancerous as possible.

    He's on at all times as a potential observer. He gets any chance to start creating dangerous memes to get users annoyed. Ever though why Tomoko left LMR? Maybe this could of been the same for users like Ren. 

    This plan of Korndude might of been dastardly and very strategic. Maybe Korndude is just an alt of a Discord supporter... maybe Sheldon is a secret Discord lover and he tried killing LMR while masking it under a persona. He didn't get banned by Sakuraichu because he was working with him. Denning wanted to, however...

    But how about the vandals that came to LMR. Maybe they are the true bounty hunters.

    The Light: vandals with a purpose?

    Users like JMurph, Ebflover, Xenomorph, Net Worths, and others work in a discord server run by LMR admins like Breada... suspicious enough? Maybe they were hired to spam LMR and stage invasions so that new users would get annoyed by them and leave. On the ban record, only Denning had banned more than twice the amount other mods done. 

    Maybe the Light organisation had hired users to get banned and stage more invasions. Not until the end of December is when they succeeded with draining LMR's population and boosting Discords.

    These three might of been the cause, but I know who the real culprit is...

    Adolf Hitler: obviously

    Pewdiepie did nothing wrong thanks for reading this trashpost.

    (this is joke)


    (inb4 JMike)

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