His Mii
NNID hi_i_am_thomas
Age 13
Joined July 15th, 2015
Community New Super Luigi U Community

YouTube Community

Followers 29
System(s) owned SO Wiiu Wii U
Birthday Unknown
Alts Unknown

"Hi, person! My name is Thomas. My friend Kalea told me to get a Wii U, so I did!!! I'm 13, and I LOVE VIDEO GAMES, and I'm also really good at them. Goodbye, see you next time!!!"

—Thomas' profile comment

Thomas is a user on Miiverse that attempted to start another Miiverse Prom throughout both the Wii Fit U Community (New Super Luigi U Community now) and the YouTube Community.


Joining Miiverse

Thomas made his first post in the The Legend of Zelda Series Community stating that he likes video games, but not Zelda. He had a small argument with a user that claimed Thomas was a troll. Later Thomas found the YouTube Community and posted there for a few days. Thomas later found the Wii Fit U Community and asked why it was so off-topic, causing a few smashers to argue with him.

The Miiverse Prom

On 7/22/15, Thomas tried bringing the Wii Fit U and YouTube communities together by hosting a Miiverse Prom for the two communities. Many did not approve of this idea, however, he made drawing posts about the Miiverse Prom and tried to get others to join. After the Miiverse Redesign he found that the Smash had moved to the New Super Luigi U Community, Thomas would later continue to try and start the Miiverse prom there.


  • Thomas states that his Miiverse Prom was the first Miiverse Prom. This is false because many Miiverse proms were created before his.
  • Many users believe Thomas is a troll because of how immature they think he is.

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