The Zelda Move is an event that occured due to the Miiverse Redesign on July 29th, 2015. The big move started when the update was released. Many users who posted in the Wii Fit U Community and YouTube Community didn't want to post in their respective communities due to it being split into sections. In turn all of those users moved to The Legend of Zelda Community, because it was one of the only communities that wasn't changed. Finally, they moved to the New Super Luigi U Community (Mostly, it's just the Smashers there).


After Tom announced the update, many users were outraged. When the update was released, many users who formerly posted in the Wii Fit U and YouTube communities moved over to the Zelda community.

Despite the move, a fair amount of users offically left Miiverse, and some decided to resort to Le Miiverse Resource to replace Miiverse.

Because of the mass desertion of users from the Smashers and YouTubers, many users decided to give up there differences and ally with one another because of this event.


  • This is the second time the Smashers moved to the Legend of Zelda community.
  • Many Hylians are fine with the Smashers and Youtubers posting in the LoZ community, however they only seek peace.
  • Unlike the Genocide Update, the redesign ACTUALLY had a huge portion of users leave Miiverse.
  • This was the first time when Youtubers, Smashers and Hylian's were in the same community.

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