Zelda Fan Joshua and Smasher Tepig shaking hands, ending the bitter rivalry between the two users.

On December 24th, 2014, the Smashers moved into the Wii Fit U Community. Having no more quarrels with each other, many of the Smashers and Zelda Fans alike decided that it would be good to apologize for their wrongdoings, thus creating this unspoken Zelda-Smash Truce.


On October 3rd, 2014, Super Smash Bros was released on the 3DS and the Special Smash Community was dissolved. Many Smashers were annoyed with the change and migrated to the Zelda Community. Believing that the Zelda Community was deserted, they continued posting the way they had before. However, the Zelda Community was, to the Smashers' surprise, far from dead.


When the Smashers found the Zelda Community, there was very little posts. A majority of the things that they saw were artwork created by Zelda fans. Thinking that the Zelda fans could still continue their artwork while the Smashers posted here, the Smashers moved in.

The Zelda Fans were shocked. There had suddenly been a constant stream of memes and random content flowing through their community. Many left. Others retaliated. War started.

The Problem

A question one may ask is, "The Zelda Community was deserted! How were there this many Zelda fans?!" Well, the answer lies within the ways the two different communities communicated.

To put it simply, Smashers communicated in a Twitter-like style, with many posts and little comments. Zelda Fans, however, communicated in a forum-like style, with very few posts and tons of TONS of comments.

The Bitter Retreat and The Start of War

When the Zelda fans learned that a majority of their friends and favourite artists had left Miiverse, they blamed the Smashers. Outraged, and with an estimate of around 20% of Zelda Fans remaining in the Zelda Community, many of the Zelda Fans resorted to doing anything to get rid of the Smashers.

The Great Miiverse War

... Well, let's just say that both sides did things they regret.

The False Migration

Before the release of Smash Bros for the Wii U, many of the Smashers hoped that the Smash Community would become a Special Community again. There was a lot of hype, and the Smashers planned to migrate there on release day. Many Zelda fans rejoiced, and many commented right before the release of the game. There were a lot of good byes, good riddance's, and good lucks. However, on November 21, 2014, Super Smash Bros for the Wii U came out, and the Smash Bros for 3DS Community became the Smash Bros for 3DS/Wii U Community. It was not a Special Community. The Smashers attempted to linger there for a couple of days, trying to keep their word, but, ultimately, they could not bear the spam of screenshots flowing through this new combined community. The Smashers moved back into the Zelda Community before they finished rebuilding, and war continued. While this was extremely controversial and made fun of by both sides, many of the Smashers now sympathized with the Zelda Fans, and many Zelda Fans realized how cruel they were being towards the Smashers because of this False Migration.

The Real Deal

On December 23rd, 2014, the Smashers decided it was time to leave for good. They left for the Wii Fit U Community. This idea sprang from a Zelda fan named Raiden and was publicly announced by popular user Rosaline. The Smashers moved into the Wii Fit U Community, and everyone was happy. Some started to miss each others. Others didn't care either way. Whatever the case, peace was finally made.

The Luigi Massacre of 2015

Main Article: The Luigi Massacre of 2015

It should be noted that, during this massacre, a majority of the Smashers and Zelda Fans looked down upon the people who started it. This mutual hatred brought the two communities closer together. Here's an example of this newfound bond:

The Zelda/Smash Truce

The Zelda/Smash Truce is an unspoken truce among the Smashers and the Zelda Fans. Basically, if a Smasher does something, they'll get a bad rap from both sides. If a Zelda Fan does something, they'll get a bad rap from both sides. If a Smasher does something that contributes to the Zelda Community, like Sarge or Shedow drawing Zelda-related content in the Zelda Community, the Zelda fans humbly and happily accept it. If a Zelda fan decides to be awesome one day and have some fun on the Wii Fit U Community, the Smashers will humbly and happily accept it. We are still rival communities, but we coexist. We can respect each other, and let bygones be bygones. We are making Miiverse a better place.

In the Zelda Community, a few of the clans that formed in order to organize the Hylians to resist still exist as policemen of sorts. The RoS is the most notable of them. They constantly watch both the Smashers and the Hylians to watch for users who might attempt to reignite the conflict by starting things like the Luigi Massacre, and try to talk them down, using reporting only as a last resort for users on both sides who get out of control.

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