The Year of Luigi Community
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The Year of Luigi Community was made to celebrate Luigi's 30th birthday. Sometime during the end of the year the community was removed from the Special Communities sections.

However, the community can still be viewed here. It was affected by the Miiverse Redesign, so it will look empty of posts until you open the section that stores the posts made before the redesign.

Luigi got a variety of games to star in, such as Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, Dr. Luigi, and NSLU.


It was a relatively popular community, and it 3:00AM, the community was shut down. Nintendo announced the shut down beforehand and becaot of handwritten posts oThe user Samtron made the last post, as follows:you scrolled down enough. T was one of the first special communities. It was one of the only communities to ever be rendered inactive. Unlike the E3 Communities, (E3 2013, E3 2014, E3 n the community showed Luigi crying, if nity received many yuse of that, users started posting in the community more than ever. There were around 20 posts per minute, meaning that it was even more active than the Mario Kart 8 Community at the time. A leahs and the users who posted them became popular for the time being. Many users had been fighting to get the last posts. 2015) the Year of Luigi Community was never deleted on the exact date expected.

ARRRRGH!!  I have no clock that is the right time!!  How do I know when it's overe?

—The post made by SamTron

The End of the Year

When the year of Luigi was brought to an end on 03/19/2014he final posts on the commu


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