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The Sherrie Controversy refers to an event that happened in the Tomodachi Life Community where a 22 year old user named Sherrie made Matt, a 12 year old user, as her "husband" in the game Tomodachi Life. This event came to be when Sherrie appeared on HipMarth's Tomodachi Life post in the Activity Feed. Sherrie began hitting on him, and then adding him to the game as her boyfriend. Many users blame this event for The Update of 6/24/15.

How It Got Noticed

The first time people began to realise what was happening in the Tomodachi Life Community was on Thursday June 4, 2015 when a post by the user Froςτγ whom appeared in the Wii Fit U Community with the link to Sherrie's post, where it got mass attention. Some of the attention also stems from Matt himself posting links to Sherrie's posts in the Wii Fit U Community , as well as sharing the links with his friend Birdmeme.


Sherrie (NNID: Netger20) is believed to be a 22 year old woman who goes to the Tomodachi Life Community in search of young men, even as young as the age of 7, to date. Her English is broken, often using the words "hun" and almost ending all of her sentences with "ok", which makes her comments and posts illegible to read. So far, Sherrie has dated 4 men, which in her eyes, are still her boyfriends. Sherrie would date anybody, even if they were a ghost, making her both a pedophile and a necrophile. A user named Shaheed stated that "it seems like every random guy that comments is the next target". Many users believe that not only should Sherrie should be reported to the Miiverse admins, but to Nintendo themselves. Sherrie's original account was banned on June 8, 2015, however, she created another account called Sherrie540 (NNID: JEFFRES) which is now banned.


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Matt/Star-Lord's Mii.

Matt (NNID: Star-Lord_Nyooms, alias Star-Lord) is a 12 year old boy who trolled Sherrie into believing he was her boyfriend. He states, "...I am an asexual and aromantic. No date. No baby. Frickin' creep." This fact is mentioned a few times throughout the post, but regardless, is still called her "boyfriend" and "hun" by Sherrie. Matt has tried faking that he died of an asthma attack and that his friend Birdmeme was on his account in another post by Sherrie. But alas, Sherrie states that she would date him, even if he was a ghost. Matt was banned a few days after Sherrie was.


As of June 30, 2015, both of Sherrie's accounts have been banned. It is unknown if she will return. 



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