The Miiverse RPG is an RPG game about Miiverse featuring popular Miiverse users. This project was cancelled.

First Demo

The Miiverse RPG Demo is out now! The game is just a download and play, no emulator's or anything needed, same for the second demo.

Download The Original Here!

The Miiverse RPG was a PC game CaliburTek was developing, his game stopped being read by his game making software and glitched. He's currently thinking about making a Fire Emblem based, or another Earthbound based one now.

Second Demo

The Second Miiverse RPG Demo has been released. There's a new battle system and more, not only is this a revamp of the first demo, it also has much, much better grammar, and a lot less glitches. More places and NPCS, multiple dungeons, and over 8 playable characters! There's also multiple secrets, including Shrek's Swamp...

Download Here!

Character Sprites and Artwork


  • Replaced Shrek's Rape move with Ogre Punch. Due to rape being a sensitive subject. -2/17/15     
  • Added The Feature to change party members simply by pressing Q rather then going in the menu. -1/19/15
  • Added The Feature to activate a mini menu that shows stats rather then going into the menu to see your stats such as HP the equiped weapon and more. -1/19/15
  • Updated Shrek's Sprite and Drekbot 9000's. -1/19/15
  • Added enemy Tiny Eerie Smile. -1/19/15
  • Added talking animations rather then just being a tiny bubble in a text box. -Last Month
  • Added bigger boxes for more text space. -???
  • Added a custom special menu. -???
  • Added The EarthBound battle style. -???
  • Added many enemys, created many sprites and special attacks. - ???

The Original Dev Team

  • Potato - Story
  • DivineThought, TheSecretInformer - Music
Miiverse RPG DEMO 2.0 MAP

The Map


The Miiverse RPG Special Demo First Look

The Miiverse RPG Special Demo First Look

  • Battle against a Dangerous Foe - Remix (MOTHER)
  • Go, Go Starman (Pokey means Business Remix) (EARTHBOUND)
  • Battle against an Unsettling Oppenent - Original (EARTHBOUND)
  • Battle against a Weird Oppenent - Remix (EARTHBOUND)
  • Together We Ride TO VICTORY! - Remix (Fire Emblem: Dark Dragon and The Sword Of Light)
  • Strong One - Original (MOTHER 3)
  • The Grand Finale - Remix (M&L Bowser's Inside Story)
  • Together We Ride - Remix (Fire Emblem: Dark Dragon and The Sword Of Light)
  • Some Japanese Anime Songs from Sakurai's Cat
  • Mother 1 Title Theme - Remix (MOTHER)
  • First Steps - Remix (EARTHBOUND)
  • Pluto the First - Original (DDR Max)
  • Fire Emblem Gaiden Celica Map 1 - Original (Fire Emblem: Gaiden)
  • Loading Screen Wii U - Remix (Miiverse, remix'd by DivineThought)
  • Brobot's Theme - Original (Super Paper Mario)
  • Mega Chrizard X Theme - Remix (Pokemon The Origins)
  • Secret of the Forest - Remix (Chrono Trigger)
  • Totaka's Song - Original (Mario Paint)
  • After Burner Ver. 2  - Original (After Burner)
  • Smash Mouth - Remix (Allstar)
  • Santuary Guardian - Remix (Earthbound)
  • My Innermost Apocalyse - Original (The Binding Of Isaac)
  • Super Mario World Forest of Illusion - Remix (Super Mario World)
  • Forest Maze - Original (Super Mario RPG)
  • Kaname Madoka Character Song - See You Tomorrow (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)
  • Burn My Dread -Spring of Birth Ver.-  Persona 3 Spring of Birth #1 (Persona 3 The Movie)
  • Red-Green-Yellow-Yellow - Original (MOTHER 3)
  • Plants VS Zombies - Final Level of Chapter [--10] Theme. - Original (Plants VS Zombies)
  • Moonside Swing - Original (EarthBound)
  • N's Theme - Original (Pokemon Black and White)
  • Magmoor Caverns - Remix (Metroid Prime)

  • Informers Youtube with soundtrack can be found here.

It is currently unknown if these songs will be in a reboot.


  • You find the Key of Secret's in the underground dungeon by taking an alternate path. It gives you Ezrev (a beta verse) and access to hidden areas.


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