The server on the day of the raid

The Miiverse Club Penguin Raid was a takeover of Club Penguin's Slushy server that happened on April 18th, 2015. At around 9:00 a.m. PST on that day, user FireYoshi, interested in "taking over non-Smasher territory", posted about a raid of the Icicle server at the game's Dance Club. Many agreed to do so, and for about 45 minutes people spammed "HE HAS NO STYLE" in the Club Penguin chat until the raid was moved to Club Penguin's popular Slushy server, presumably to troll more people.

Originally the raid was going to start when Omega Star joined, causing many to type "WHERE'S OMEGA", but his computer wasn't working so the raid started anyways. To find each other in the Slushy server, people spammed "I'M VERSE" in the chat and the group went around the game world, confusing other players. FireYoshi and Floyd were banned on both Miiverse and Club Penguin respectively for talking about invading. The raid continued for 3 more hours (and changed to the Snow Day server) until people got tired of saying the same things.

List of people who participated in the raid

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