The Mad Dog
Mad dag
NNID TheMadDog123456
Age Unknown
Joined Unknown
Community Clu Clu Land Community (possibly)
Followers Unknown
System(s) owned SO Wiiu
Birthday Unknown
Alts Unknown

I'm a dog and I'm mad, thus I'm the Mad Dog, pure logic, arf arf :)

—The Mad Dog acting mad dogish.

The Mad Dog is a relatively new user whose intentions are unclear. Sometimes he is good, sometimes he is bad and sometimes he is something of both. He has a strange way to talk, adding always "arf arf" and a happy face at the end of his statements and the words "boy", "gurl" or "person" after a proper name. He is an expert stalker and likes to troll people doing mad dogish things, specially Jake and Lightaweso. He is also a fan of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Gale of Darkness

The Mad Dog joined the Gale of Darkness during Adefezius' insurrection. He found their secret base in the Clu Clu Land community by himself and contacted Fezziadus, who was low on recruits and didn't hesitate in accepting him. In reality he was a double agent of the evil Adefezius and passed him all the information about their secret bases, so Adefezius could follow the Gale of Darkness wherever they go. At the end, the Mad Dog took an important part in Adefezius' defeat. He had became friends with many members of the Gale of Darkness and decided to betray Adefezius, this was vital in convincing Adefezius to cease all hostilities with the Gale of Darkness and sign a peace treaty with them. That night was later known as The Night of the Mad Dogs to commemorate the Mad Dog's actions.

Battle with Lahm

With the emergence of a new threat to Miiverse, Lahm the Hero Hunter, the Mad Dog has decide to stalk this misterious figure in an effort to discover what are his true intentions. He had the honour/honor of making the comments number 400, 500 and 600 on Fezziadus' legendary post on the Clu Clu Land Community, winning the treble in Fezziadus Comment Awards, as well as making the 1000th and last comment. Apparently he has made un uneasy alliance with legendary heroes of Miiverse. He also helped Noah to defeat the evil Terrace, who claimed to be an ally of Lahm.

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