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The Luigi Massacre of 2015 was an event that took place in 1/2/2015 that involved the Smashers and Hylians. A bunch of users started drawing pictures of Luigi in the Zelda community and the Zelda community users decided there ain't having not of that in their community.

The Beginning

It all started when a user by the name of Dennis got boredand (GAMENINJA9602) decided to play a joke with a few friends by drawing pictures of Luigi and posting them all over the The Legend of Zelda Series Community. Later Dennis and friends posted about what they were doing in the Zelda community and asked other Smashers in the Wii Fit U Community to join them. After getting a bunch of Smashers to join the Zelda community became flooded with Luigi posts within minutes. Some Zelda users thought it was funny and joined in, but others weren't so happy.

The Luigi "Massacre"

More and more Smashers came to The Legend of Zelda Series Community posting drawings of Luigi, which made people think that the Smashers were tryingto move back to the The Legend of Zelda Series Community. Soon a bunch of Hylians started getting angry and made posts telling the Smashers to leave, and even threatened to report them.There was a clan/team called team Luigi that was led by a user named Joshua. This team lasted until a month before the bad update. The leader first created the team on the legend of Zelda community and then started recruiting more members on the ytc and Wii fit u community. He then started including tomadachi life community, Wii fit u community, and the lozc. The Smashers were unaware of this team as it was kept secret. It was forgotten after the update because almost all of the members were banned. This team only gained control of the Wii fit u community, and the tomadachi life community. By the time the Smashers migrated to the Wii fit u community team Luigi had somehow been kicked out. At this time the leader was banned and the team broke apart due to the fact that there was no orders. No member of the team tried to become the leader because they didn't know where their base was. Some Smashers started getting admin notifs which also caused some users to get banned for 2 weeks. Back in the Wii Fit U Community many Smashers who did not participate in the Luigi raid went to the Zelda community to tell the other Smashers to leave, due to the fear of Zelda users possibly going to the Wii Fit U Community to report more Smashers, even ones that had nothing to do with the raid.

End of the Raid

After a bunch of Smashers and Hylians got banned, and people got bored of drawing Luigi, everyone went back to do what they normally do.

The Smashers continued their daily memeing and trash-posting, and the Zelda users continued to talk about Zelda and draw triangles.


  • 80% of the Luigi drawings were likely drawings of Weegee.
  • A bootleg version of the raid happend sometime after the Miiverse Redesign.

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