The Lemon Wars are two meme wars that took place on Miiverse.
The lemon wars

Lemon Wars 1

Lemon War 1 took place in around May and lasted for 2 days. The war started when the meme," When life gives you lemons..." began to spread in the Smash community. In Lemon Wars I there were 2 armies: The Lemon Army and the Food Army. During this War, many drawings and comments were posting about how each army conquers the other, consisting of Lemon nukes, meat shields, and a lot of force fields. The lemons consisted the members of (Not including NNIDs): Andrew (The leader), Gameboy1, jack w., Ahrgg, and 12 more others. The food army was lead by Nerdtron(Now called Aaron) and mostly consisted of his followers.

A city also emerged from the depths of this war. The city served as a peace sanctuary protected from any war bringers. Created by Ahrgg, the city was renamed Pie City-state. Standing alone, Ahrgg created his own army against the food army. Allying with the lemons, the Pie City-state consisted of 6 more members.

The Super Smash Community also got involved in this war as many members of the armies advertised to join their armies to battle one against the other. One by one the members would betray and forgive but after a whole day of consistent battling the two armies decided to create peace. This era was called the Golden lime age. There was a peace treaty where everyone would sign their names in the comments in hopes of peace and forgiveness.

Lemon Wars 2

5 days after Lemon Wars I, corruption once again filled both armies. A Nerdtron impostor report bombed the leader of the Lemon Army, leaving Ahrgg the only available general left. This banning lead to Lemon Wars II where the impostor Nerdtron tricked the followers of the real Nerdtron into believing the Lemons wanted another war. He was successful in his mission to start the second lemon war.

Meanwhile, the real nerdtronn had arrived back after a day and a half to find all out war. He convinced his followers that he was real but it was too late. War had begun for the second time. Andrew one of the Anti resistance members tried to stop the fake Nerdtron however in doing so was banned. Riolu (Andrew's real life brother) got involved and reported the real Nerdtron by mistake. He realized what the fake nerdtronn had done and sought revenge. However the fake nerdtron tricked Riolu into saying hateful things so he could Report and ban Riolu as well. The reports became bans as the number of members of both armies decreased every day.

The Smash Community once again got involved and helped assassinate the evil Nerdtron impostor. The real Nerdtron found out that a Miiverser named SSJ Geek made an account to create chaos between the armies. Nerdtron asked the imposter to delete the account and he did so. In the end the lemons and food armies are no longer as active as before, but the great story is still told Miiverser to Miiverser. And now will you share the story of the Lemon Wars? It's very sour.


  • Today, Andrew is in a clan on Steel Divers: Sub wars and is very high leveled
  • Nerdtron, now called Aaron, continues to battle trolls and serve in armies his current goal is to get rid of the 2 minute comment rule.
  • Ahrgg got banned later on.
  • About 7 members from both armies were banned in the Lemon Wars
  • I don't know about everyone else.
  • The Imposter Of Nerdtron is in fact the Creator of the seven Imposters back in febuary. He is still active on miiverse today as NEOGEEK.
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