The Legend of Zelda Series Community
Community Type Special Community
Launch Date February 14, 2013
Special Attributes All Player Posts option automatically enabled
Community console WiiU3DSPlatform
Game Genre Action, Adventure, Puzzle
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Developers Room Community

The Legend of Zelda Series Community is one of the active Special Communites on Miiverse which opened on February 14th, 2013. The majority of people on there were on-topic, but there were a few trolls, known for reporting other users to protect their values. Most people on the community liked to draw pictures of Link and other Zelda characters. However, when the Super Smash Bros. Series Community was converted in to the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS Community and the Volleyball Community was deemed useless by its unofficial ruler, the Smashers moved to this community. This community was split between on-topic and off-topic users. After the redesign, the Smashers migrated here with no other options, along with some of the YouTube Community, with this community being the one of the only communities unaffected by the redesign. The majority of users that posts here are called Zeldians/Hylians.

Verified Users

Verified Users also use this community to give Zelda fans news and updates on things such as DLC, and upcoming Zelda games. They usually gain massive amount of comments and also gain a massive amount of Yeahs due their popularity. The most notable verified user in this community is Eiji Aonuma, producer of many Zelda games.


The Legend of Zelda Series Community was a very popular community when it was first created and the Wii U was released. The community was very active, with Zelda fanart and Zelda users talking and having many discussions or chats.

When the Smash Series community became the Super Smash for Wii U/3DS community, the community started becoming more on-topic, and many of the users known as Smashers weren't happy with this. The Smashers chose the Zelda community to post off-topic since it didn't have any player posts and was a much slower community. Many Zelda users either welcomed or told the Smashers to go away.

Many Hylians (Zelda users) argued with each other about whether or not the Smashers should leave. A user named Cold Midna had a debate with one of the popular users among the Smashers, Duckness/Nostalgic, and both got banned on the same day. Weeks later the Zelda users tried making the community on-topic again, this worked until morning, then the Smashers woke up. The Zelda users started forming clans to report off-topic posts, and Smasher-reporting Zelda clans and users started appearing soon after. The most infamous and well known user for Smasher-reporting and banning Smashers was Cold Midna and her clan called "The Corrupted Rebels", many Smashers and Hylians feared Cold Midna and her clan.

Many Smashers and Hylians started getting banned in what was called, "the great Smash/Zelda war". In December, the Hylians convinced a popular Smasher, Rosaline, to move the Smashers to the Wii Fit U community. Rosaline and the Smashers decided to move there, while Cold Midna and the other clans made sure that the Smashers kept their word and moved.

The community was mostly peaceful and on-topic now, the only downside being that the community is slower now. The only few conflicts the community has ever had were a few Smashers, trolls, and sometimes false-reporters who would threaten the Hylians. Many Zelda clans currently protect the community. On 7/29/15 the Smashers and some YTCers resided here because the Miiverse Redesign changed most communities excluding the Zelda community (although the 30 post/comment restriction still applies there). The next day, the smashers moved out of the Zelda community to post in the New Super Luigi U Community.

Recently, since December 22th, 2015, a significant amount of people spammed spaghetti posts in the community. It is unknown if the moving of some Smashers to the Outfit ID community was the result of the retaliation of the Hylians.

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  • The Legend of Zelda Series Community was one of the first Special Communities.
  • Despite the huge popularity of Zelda games, the community can sometimes be slow and empty.
  • The community's activity has gotten a lot slower, and most Zelda community users stopped posting in the Zelda community because of this.
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