The Great Nully Debate of 12/31/14 is when the entire chat room of LEM argued on wether or not to harass Nully for her drawings, which included sexually explicit material and lolicon (hentai of girls that appear young). The users involved were Hotdogmaniac, Mr Left, PotatotheGreat, Noteworthy-No-More, Joey, and Shadow9542. And yes, Digit was also in there.

The Debate Begins

Around 2:00 P.M. CT, Hotdogmaniac joined the chat room. It was there that he posted links to Nully's drawings on Tumblr. Much of the chat room was in disgust. Hotdogmaniac proposed that they spam Nully into quitting. However, Mr. Left and Joey opposed it, saying that no one deserved that much hate. Noteworthy sided with Hotdogmaniac, as did Shadow. Mr.Left said that even if they allowed it, they wouldn't the same thing to happen to the wiki as it did from the Nostalgic and Finn war. After about an hour of arguing, Hotdogmaniac said he would tone down the hate comments. However, he said he would continue to criticize. After that, the chat room went back to its derpy ways.

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