The Great Glasses Meeting of 2017 was a meeting to fix the relations between multiple users.


Tensions had been rising between the major clans of miiverse. TFAO was laying siege to various Wii sports communities, and you won't be surprised to hear that many users weren't happy about that. Dirk attempted to explain that only benefits would come if they stopped resisting, he cited Costa Rica, which had surrendered to TFAO, and was doing fine, they had a system where, TFAO was the 'government' and Costa Rica users were the 'citizens'. HeroHylia, among many others, began arguing with Dirk. Eventually, an editor from The Miiverse Times took apart Dirk's arguments, saying,

I will make this plain and simple to everyone. You can either have freedom, or security, you have both. To borrow a quote: You cannot worship God and Mamon(money). *cant have both. And of course government should protect the people, but not at the cost of freedom. ESPECIALLY if nobody elected said government. And dont even try to say that you aren't taking away freedom. Freedom's definition is for the people to decide, and to them, youre taking it(freedom) away. Jeez, im starting to sound like a politician instead of a reporter...

Dirk decided that he was right, and decided to have a meeting.

A Great Glasses Meeting.

*epic music plays*


Dirk told the editor to invite various leaders and representatives to a meeting at Prince Edward Island Club. After an hour, everyone was invited.

Initial Meeting

Opal, Ty, and Owen showed up early and began discussing what to do about Kyle, Opal's Enemy. Ty suggested they temp-ban him, or block him. Kyle said he'd be back at 10 P.M. Really, nothing got done during this period, or any other period, for that matter.

The Great Glasses Meeting, Part 1

Really nothing happens. SuperKe, Alex, C. Falcon, and almost every other person on miiverse agrees. DarkOwen should stay out of the claiming business.

The Great Glasses Meeting, Part 2

Now HERE's where it gets interesting. After about 40 posts, DarkOwen, and C. Falcon have pretty much declared all out war, now Maryland is under attack, Opal got banned, Kyle made a single post, then left, and the meeting pretty much did nothing.

Follow-Up Meetings

It should be noted that two extra meetings did follow this one after the post limit was reached. However, no progress was made overall on the events and the Siege of Maryland happened anyway.

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