The First Order
Date Started Sith'ari Leadership: 2015

Korito Ren Leadership: 4th July 2016

Date Ended N/A
Community Pokemon Series communities
Notable Users Involved Korito Ren

The First Order (FO) is a Pokémon clan under the leadership of Korito Ren, with the original leader being Sith'ari (SimpleNato). Originally the clan started off as Pokémon clan, but it has recently started taking communities and has grown because of this. Despite the ups and downs, the clan is in good shape.


The clan's name was once the Final Order, but was changed to the First Order. Funnily enough, many of the members are fans of the Star Wars series, and it is often discussed in bases.

The clan's 'birthday' is now officially celebrated on the 4th of July, to commemorate the old leader and to celebrate the growth of the clan.


The First Order's main goal is to try and own as many communities as possible and gain as many members. Despite this being the main goal, a lot of time is also spent simply laying foundations for the clan and making sure the members enjoy the general atmosphere of the clan (which has become rather random and hectic at times).


The clan was originally started by Sith'ari (SimpleNato). The clan started off as a joke clan in response to Shadow-Ty's appearance, but it gained members steadily. Rankings were soon introduced to give many members a goal to achieve (the rankings haven't changed at all - although a few have been added over time). Despite the leader getting several bans due to false reporting, FO was able to form several alliances at the time, including DarkStar.

FO got into a war with Dragma at this point, as many members were strongly Anti-Dragma. The war soon fizzled out and wasn't pursued much more as Dragma members joined the group soon after. The clan resumed activities and grew in popularity by making bases and hosting events. It was an overly peaceful clan at this point in time.

On the 4th of July, the leader left unexpectedly, shutting down the clan for a period of time. Despite Korito Ren being leader, she was largely inactive and had little drive to continue the clan until November 2016. The clan regained it's popularity quickly, and was able to form stronger alliances (e.g. The Triforce Alliance) and later an alliance with Kurai (although this was diminished soon after and replaced with an alliance with the 501st Legion).

The clan has developed quite an unexpected violent nature and a love of war soon after their old leader left, and often get involved in fights.


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